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Domain Unknown
Classification Avian
Lifespan 200+ Years
Height (average) 160cm (male) 180cm (female)
Weight (average) 56kg (male) 72kg (female)
The Aascanans are a bipedal avian race hailing from the planet of Aascan, and are one of the subject species conquered long ago by the Crescanian Confederacy. Their appearance resembles a bird-like creature with arms instead of wings, a large shield-like outgrowth on their skull covered in white, brown, red, green, blue or yellow feathers, two amber-colored eyes and a small black or yellow beak. The female is the dominant gender of the species.

Originally, the Aascanans called themselves Ash'kr-hráa'kr and Aascan was called H'rán'mrák'hà. Both these names are simply impossible to pronounce to all species but the Aascanans due to the unique vocal cords of the species. So the Croiz decided to give them a new name based on what they first called the planet before the two species made first contact. But the Aascanans are incapable of pronouncing the new names given to them, and cannot really utter anything that the Croiz say. This created issues in teaching the Aascanans the Crescanian language. Although their attempts eventually succeeded, the Aascanans are incapable of speaking the language, but in general understands it fluently. There are also classes that other races can take to learn to understand the Aascanan language.

Since the Crescanian annexation, the Croiz and the Aascanans have had a history of tensions and passive-aggressive resistance from the Aascanans' part, which reached its apex in the Ar-ká-kio Razzia where the Crescanian military along with Salchissan mercenaries beat down the Aascanan resistance and pacified them by force. The Aascanans still held a bitter resentment against the Croiz, though, up until Hazzet Njakja Vaisk passed through some reforms in 2842 G.C that gave the Aascanans more freedom in following their own cultures and gave them a generally higher standard of living. Now while the Kerackians still resist fiercely and the Salchissans have become like loyal servants, the Aascanans now stand in a "gray zone" when it comes to opinions on the Crescanian occupation. The easiest explanation is that they really don't mind, despite having been enslaved, which might be because of centuries of Crescanian propaganda.