Aerilan Vido

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Aerilan Vido
Allegiance Kingdom of Nh'Koseni
Race Iko
Gender Male
Born 2830G.C (35)
Profession King (2853G.C-Current)

Aerilan Vido is the current king of the Kingdom of Nh'Koseni as Vido IX, and the seventh king of the Aerilan dynasty. He is known to be a man with a very strong personality and even stronger ambitions. At heart he is kind and caring of those around him, but he is also determined to see his kingdom rise to greater glory through galactic expansion, and he is unforgiving against anyone who attempts to hinder him by force. Vido tries hard to ensure his people is well, law is upheld, and people are treated with justice while at the same time keeping the kingdom's nobility from enriching themselves at the cost of the people. He is very much the opposite of the arrogant and selfish nobleman stereotype. This has made him loved by the people but hated by many of his own nobles.