Air Trecks

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A pair of Air Trecks.

Air Trecks or ATs are technology created by The Kingdom of Edolas which can be generalized as "high-end, customizable, motorized inline skates". They are composed of three major components: Wheel Motor, Hydraulic Cushion System, and Power Injection System. A Braking System is incorporated with most, equipped with a power-lock switch built on the outer sole of the skates. This overrides the acceleration system and enable Air Trecks to operate as normal inline skates as well. However, the speed of Air Trecks are generated proportional to the power of the user's leg; the assist motor accelerates based on the force of a kick. Air Trecks are generally powered by small amounts of Sakuradite, which combined with their advanced tech allow them to compress the power of an automobile, or even more than that, into them. Most Ventus aged 10-60 are equipped with them.


Air Trecks are simply 'self-propelled shoes equipped with powerful suspension, air cushion systems, and ultra small motors in the wheels'. Each pair is installed with a special data support network via a program called READ, which allows Riders to access performance data on another Rider from the data stored on the memory card inserted inside the AT which is linked to the Ventus' neural interface.

The biggest "thrill" of Air Trecks is the precisely calibrated air cushion system, which gives these self-propelled trick skates their juice, allowing the Riders to "fly"; just as the Ventus have always wanted to.


Air Trecks are fully customizable in every aspect, from the skate's design, to the wheels, and even down to the screws. By combining various parts, a Rider can truly make their own unique Air Treck. Most standard-issue parts are available at stores, but the rare parts must be purchased at speciality shops, which tend to be always on the move. Rider team members often have identically customized ATs, as do followers of the same Road. The standard Air Treck has two wheels, but it is also possible for 4 wheels on each Air Treck, and even using spheres instead of wheels; this is encouraged both in civilian and in military life. A notable specific customization is of The Nine Kings of the Nine Roads; they all have specialized ATs known as 'Regalia' which are the mark of each King.

Being customizable, many skaters have customized their own Air Trecks to suit their own style; changing with various combinations of parts, even screws and/or readjusting the balance, altering the speed and performance of their Air Trecks tremendously. Generally, modifications are only done by those who at least have basic knowledge of what they're doing; as Air Trecks are complicated pieces of tech that require finesse and skill to modify properly.

Use in Ventus Society

Generally, the use of ATs is looked up upon in Edolas. Often times Riders fall and break bones while attempting to do Tricks that are beyond their ability, but fatalities are rare due to safety measures taken by the Edolas government and the strong natural and augmented bone strength of Ventus. Generally, Storm Riders are the type of Riders that attempt such tricks; battling with each other in the never-ending Parts War between Storm Riders using maneuvers, attacks, and illusions that would look like magic to a non-Ventus; all for the sake of Team standing, parts for their ATs, or merely reputation. Of course, most Ventus take no part in such battles; preferring to use their ATs to 'fly' using aerial maneuvers and tricks or just to get around.

Use in Edolas' Military

The use of Air Trecks in the military of Edolas is extensive; every single infantry soldier is equipped with them. Just as in civilian society, customization and following Roads is encouraged, but their baseline ATs are provided to the soldiers by the government instead. Skills, Tricks, and other important AT maneuvers are taught to soldiers; but ATs are mainly used in the military to get around the battlefield incredibly quick and flank enemies before they can react. This is enhanced by their Neural Linking, which allow them to instantly receive orders from their commanders during battles and change positions nearly instantaneously. Generally, Ventus do not stand still for more than five minutes at most due to this during ground wars. Brain Chargers, Edolas' Spec Ops troops, are generally equipped with customized high-tech Ball-Roller ATs to accentuate this strength. But the Nine Kings are undoubtedly the most skilled and powerful users of Air Trecks; capable of decimating entire armies with the aid of their Regalias.