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Planet Type Forge World

Arcturus is an interesting system, as it exists within a thick Nebulous of Gases that surround the system and many neighboring stars. It is quite a beautiful sight to see but the Nebulous messes with communications and sensor arrays, and many electronics and observational equipment. The necessity of Telepathic communication is essential in this system for this reason, and with the implementation of Warp tech, many of the former problems have been solved, but for those without said improvements cannot function outside of the system, as ships in the Nebula can have their outer systems fried, essentially being operationally blind. Ships attempting to spy within the system are easily found, and outside the system are subject to the hazards of the surrounding Nebula.

Due to this natural defense the system has become an important asset for top secret operations and tests, being the forefront of all discoveries made in the New Covenant. Another feature to be Noted is Arcturus Orbits a Binary Star System, at a Distance safe enough for life, within the "Goldy Locks" zone for a planet in such a system.

As a Planet it is an Industrial powerhouse, having a surface covered in Manufactorums and processing plants. It supplies the Military with much of its weapons, and assembles materials and parts for ship assembly. It does this feat daily, pumping out materials to feed the Empire, though the load on the planet has not been fully tapped, and it is supposed that it is capable of far more production than it already is. Even the moon is used in Ship Assembly due to the low gravity environment.


Within the Arcturus Planetary system is a secret base, its location is unknown. It however is the center for much of the Warp Research that goes on with Military interests in mind while most normal Warp Research occurs within Church centers. It has been the forefront of technological discovery within the New Covenant for the past few Milena.