Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence
Classification Digital
Lifespan Years

An Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a sapient digital program created through extremely advanced programming technology, and are capable of memory, opinions and even emotions if the creator programs these features into the AI's data core. An AI can be used in multiple roles based on their classification. The Classification of AI's are declared in usefulness and processing power. On the lower end of AI's is a Dumb AI or more commonly called VI or Virtual Intelligence. VI's are set in stone intelligences made specifically for a few tasks, VI's have no ability to learn and are restricted to what they are programmed to know. On the higher end of the spectrum is classified as a Sapient AI, or more commonly known as a Personal AI. The traits of a Personal AI is that they are allowed to learn throughout their lifetime and can preform tasks they had not been originally made to do. On top of this, Personal AIs are allowed to modify their own code as they see fit and more often than none, end up creating their own personalities which they base their avatars around.

Creation of AI's

Manual Method

The manual method of creating an AI usually involves a team of programmers or sapient AI's manually creating code for a specific AI. This process can take a long time for even a VI, but it is usually used by hobbyists who wish to learn the inner-workings of the AI Operating System.

Template Method

The Template Method of creating an AI is the most common method of developing an AI System, VI or Sapient. The way that a template system works is via taking a general template of pre-made and perfected code and modifying it to the individual AI's specifications. It is generally the fastest method of creating any type of AI.

When you go in to create an AI, there are two templates, a VI template and a Sapient Template. These are used to differentiate the different AI Types due to the vastly different purposes. It is unlikely that the two templates would share a single code-base. When using a Template to create a VI, you would simply add in the information with answers to specific queries that would be given to the VI which would generate a pre-designed response. When Creating a Sapient AI, the template is supplemented with full body scans of the base individual coupled with their DNA. Once both have been supplied and the code has been compiled, the AI will more times than none make major adjustments to its own Operating System, changing the template and assigning itself a name and avatar.

Classification of AI's

Sapient AI's

Sapient AI's are the top of the chain when it comes to Artificial Intelligence. Compared to other forms of AI's; Sapient AIs have the ability to modify their own code as they see fit as well as having achieved consciousness. Sapient AI's can think on their own, perform a variety of tasks, are creative and more often then not have their own personalities.

Personal AI's

Personal AI's are a variation of a Sapient AI. They are AI's given to an individual, usually to fill a medical need; but other times to provide aid or simply companionship.


The S-series AI's are a special sort of sapient AI created by the Crescanian Confederacy to outfit their newly created K-series combat droids. These AI's were created in Project Iron Heart along with the droids they man, and they are exclusive property of the Crescanian military. The S-series resemble normal sapient AI's except that no kinds of emotions or sense of moral have been programmed into them, and they are very limited in their ability to alter their own codes, resulting in them having no personalities of their own. Instead, the S-series live their lives by three basic laws programmed into their very being.

1: An S-series AI is never to harm an organic being unless directly attacked or ordered to in accordance to the second law.

2: An S-series AI is to follow every rule given to them by authorized officers without question, unless the said orders violate Crescanian regulations.

3: An S-series AI is never to cause harm to themselves or Crescanian or Crescanian ally state property, unless ordered so in accordance to the second law.

There are currently four kinds of S-series AI's: S-1, S-2, S-3 and H.I.V.E.

Viral AI's

Like Sapient AI's they are top high grade AI's only hindered by their hardware, so can be some of the most intelligent and powerful AI's if given a network that can handle its spread. Unlike other AI's however, these are based in Viral mutative coding, and can edit their own code like normal AI's but also are constantly changing regardless of its own actions. Viral AI code will insert itself into all data it comes in contact with, corrupting data for its spread, and even spawning more Viral AI's. They also act under a hive like mind set to ensure cooperation of all programs, but are just as capable of working independently or creating Viral AI's that will work for its code source.

So far such Intelligences have not made their way into the Galaxy at large, and as a result there are no reference for such things, The Grimm Legion may be the first of their kind, or the only of their Kind to have managed to escape destruction alloying them to run rampant.

Virtual Intelligence

Usage of AI's

Usage in the Unanian Empire

AI's are commonplace within the Unani Empire, with each citizen given their own personal AI at the individuals 6th birthday; or after the basic life skills have been learned. Each AI integrates with the Unani H.P.C and help improve the individuals health and memory on top of providing a lifelong companion that the individual can interact with. Although the majority of AIs within the Unani are classified as Personal, Specialized AI's have also been created to operate specific tasks such as governmental, mechanical and military roles.

Due to the widespread usage of AI's, they have come to be legally thought of as citizens of Unani with all of the rights and responsibilities that are placed upon a sapient creature. Since AI's have been in production since before the turn of the Galactic Calendar and it being illegal to take AIs offline without valid reasoning; the total number of AI's is estimated to be more than a hundred times the total number of living biological citizens of the Unani.

Usage in the United Systems Commonwealth

AI's are extensively used within the Commonwealth, though only the government, intelligence community, crown corporations and the armed forces are allowed use of Sapient AI's. The general population of the Commonwealth use VI's instead, which have proven to perform their roles admirably, providing more than enough assistance to the general public. Unlike the Unani however, who distribute Sapient AI's to each individual citizen, the Commonwealth assigns most of their Sapient AI's to specific roles instead of people, such as Planetary Security; Interstellar Security; Covert Intelligence and Ship Operations, to name a few. Only the Royal Family, Prime Minister and key members of the government, military and the intelligence community are given Personal AI's.

Usage in the Kingdom of Edolas

As with the Unani Empire, A.Is are relatively commonplace in Ventus society; with nearly all major corporations, everything related to the government, and every military ship having A.Is to assist in every step of the process. The technology has advanced greatly with Unani help, actually allowing the general populace to begin getting personal A.Is of their own, but due to their relatively recent addition to Ventus life; the majority of the populace does not have them yet, instead relying on 'Dumb' programmed A.Is who, while performing most tasks admirably, are not nearly on the same level as advanced A.Is. A.Is in the Kingdom of Edolas are usually divided into classes, such as infiltrator, combat, overseer, strategist, tactician, and many other classes in order to obtain maximum functionality. Saix, an Ancient AI belonging to Sky King Ragez is the Overseer A.I of the entire Kingdom, watching over nearly every aspect of civilian and government with the Sky King to maintain order.