Bridgend Commune (B.C)

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Bridgend Commune (B.C)
Player PMorgan18
Leaders Prime Minister Bleddyn
Species Human, Cyborg, Android
Inclination Darkness
Population 55 Billion (18 Billion Humans and Cyborgs, 37 Androids)
Government Techno-Fascist
Religion Agnostic
Currency Marks
Primary Languages English, German
Home World Erfurt
Core Planets Erfurt, Gotha
Organizational Alliance Human Defence Coalition
Trade Agreements Unani Empire (U.E), The Kingdom of Edolas (T.K.O.E)

The Bridgend Commune is a Techno-Fascist Empire under the leadership of Prime Minister Bleddyn. The Commune is a Human, Cyborg, and Android based empire in the Arnsberg System with most of the population living on the two habitable planets in the system; Erfurt and Gotha. It sits approximately 280 degrees and 22500 light years off of the Galactic Center bordering only the Unani Empire.

Following the Unification Wars from 2643G.C through 2714G.C the Techno-Fascists took power under the ideals of advancing technology and humanity at any costs. This includes removing population that cause damage to the well oil machine the Bidgend Commune is. Their extensive levels of cybernetics have made some of the other Empires feel uncertain with dealing with the Bridgend Commune. The Commune has the largest population of the Empires sitting at a total of 55 billion within one system and are able to field the largest ground base military force as well. The Commune has been studying the war fighting tactics of all the Empires in case any of them interfere with their goals.