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Domain Unknown
Classification Mammal (Primate)
Lifespan Unknown
Height (average) 260cm (male) 240cm (female)
Weight (average) 600kg (male) 470kg (female)
The Cargeffians were a large, bipedal mammal species native to the lush garden world of Cargeffi. They lived in a very simple tribal society, with most cultures based on aggression and domination. They were discovered by the Croiz in 2861 G.C. At first contact by a Croiz scouting party, the Cargeffians turned aggressive and demanded the Croiz to submit to their local clan chief. Being proud as their race were, the Croiz refused, and were consequently slaughtered by the Cargeffian tribesmen. In the resulting Crescanian invasion only four days later, the Cargeffians were driven to complete extinction after a six-month war of extermination.

No concrete data was ever gathered about the Cargeffians, but they were described by Crescanian HKC soldiers as large mammals with thick, gray hide, two arms, two legs, two eyes and a large mouth with four sharp fangs and dozens of crunching teeth, showing that they were most likely an omnivorous species. Crescanian medical reports tell of some bire marks on soldiers who lost parts of their armour in battle and were then bitten by a Cargeffian. These wounds were almost immediately infected, hinting that the Cargeffians had a large bacterial fauna in their saliva, as other wounds were not infected nearly as fast. 90% of these infections ended in death for the afflicted victim, as Crescanian medicine had not developed any means to combat this alien bacteria. This bacteria is still a problem for the Croiz who have now colonized Cargeffi, but not nearly in the same extent as when the Cargeffians were in existence.