Crescanian Aak

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Crescanian Aak
Began Implementation 2002 Galactic Calendar
Symbol A
Galactic Exchange Rate 1.2

The Crescanian Aak is the currency used in the Crescanian Confederacy, and has roughly the same value on all Crescanian worlds. It is a mostly digital currency but still exists in the shape of coins and notes mostly for traditional reasons. It has roughly the same value as a modern-day US dollar.

The Aak was introduced to Crescania in 2002G.C to replace the ancient Vazmo, which had become near-worthless due to centuries of inflation, which together with the lack of an organized digital banking system, caused an enormous surplus of the currency to be printed over a long period of time. The new Aak came together with the new, long-sought digital banking, adding some measure of additional stability to the worth of the currency.

But despite the advantages of a solely digital currency, the Crescanians felt that some sort of tradition needed to be upheld, and so the Aak also came as coins and notes. The Aak has been given a number of minor tweaks since its establishment. Today the Aak is worth a little more than half a Unanian Credit and a little less than three Edolasian Aera. 1 Aak is made up of 80 so-called Ramso, which in turn is made up of 80 Chazlí, though the Chazlí is never used nowadays due to its extremely low value.