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Domain The Divine Quartet
Classification Reptilian
Lifespan 90+ Years
Height (average) 170cm (male) 160cm (female)
Weight (average) 70kg (male) 55kg (female)
The Croiz are the leading race of the Crescanian Confederacy. The male is the dominant gender of the species.

The Croiz are a bipedal, humanoid race of sentient reptilians, perfectly adapted to endure the extremely harsh conditions of their homeworld Cusorea, where their population are still being regularly eaten by ferocious and sometimes enormous predators. The Croiz are themselves predators, and can sometimes show their ferocious side that still carries with them from the early days of their existence. But the Croiz were not ferocious or big enough - the average Croiz male and female reaching up to 170 and 160 centimeters respectively - so their species instead took to extreme breeding rates. Unlike most animals who only have one breeding season per year, the Croiz have six, and the females could lay up to 10 eggs at a time. As the Croiz became more and more advanced in technology, this ultimately caused an extreme population explosion, with death rates decreasing by 80% and birth rates increasing by around 350%. This ultimately led to what all Croiz know as "The Altering" where the Croiz were forced to genetically manipulate their own species to severely lower birth rates and thus prevent the booming overpopulation from becoming any worse. And it worked; instead of 10-15 eggs every time and almost everyone surviving, which was normal back then, female Croiz nowadays lay on average 1.75 eggs every five years, and some only have one child in their whole lifetime. Despite this, the Croiz are still overpopulated, with populations reaching up to 65 billion.

The Croiz are a proud race that has seen itself as genetically superior for centuries. And with no surprise, as if compared to Humans, Croiz mature faster, have better hearing, better sight, better sense of smell and even taste, better mobility and more densely placed muscle fibers, giving them naturally stronger muscles. However, they are, as said before, shorter and also have shorter life spans, living up to 80 or 90 years where the Humans have learned to live up to 150 or more. According to Edolasian biologist Kazuma Kyoshi, Croiz also have "an interesting way of aging". The female Croiz is pregnant with an egg for four months. The egg is then laid and will hatch in another four months. Croiz reach maturity at the age of 16, where Humans mature at around 20, and keep a relatively young body health for most of their lives, acting as if they're 40 when they're 70. But then, they suddenly hit a breaking point and their bodies age at a very fast rate, and often does not have much time left to live afterwards. This often occurs between the age of 75 and 85, but very rarely any later than that.

The Croiz are divided into four subspecies, named after the areas they originate from.

The Carissian Croiz hail from the ice-covered northern parts of the continent of Carissa, and are the dominant among the Croiz, and also have the most dominant genes. The Carissian Croiz are naturally stronger and tougher than their cousins because northern Carissa is the most hostile place on the planet, counting in all factors. It is not as cold as the poles, but the northern areas crawl with vicious predators such as the Haigo Worm or the Racon. Carissian Croiz scales are green and red, and they turn gray when they grow old and the pigments start to die. Their dominant languages are Crescanian.

Aracinian Croiz are the second most common among the subspecies, and originate from the equatorial continent of Aracino. Their genes are pretty dominant, and can barely rival Carissian genes, but Carissian-Aracinian hybrids tend to have small blue patches on their bodies, most commonly under their eyes. The Aracinian Croiz differ from their cousins in that they are the only ones with long, black bone spines sticking out of their scalp, bending backwards. They are also the only of the Croiz that are actually poisonous to eat, as shown by their bright white, blue and yellow colors. This makes other Croiz subspecies - especially Carissians - look down on them, as the Aracinians did not have to defend themselves as ferociously, as only certain creatures could eat them. Dominant languages among the Aracinians are Crescanian,Vajos and Makhoul.

Nyzian Croiz are a little rarer subspecies that live on the southern parts of the Carissian continent, mostly in the Nyzzin Desert. They are the second most integrated subspecies in the Confederacy, but are slowly declining in numbers due to the more dominant Carissian and Aracinian genes. The Nyzian Croiz look mostly like their northern cousins, only they usually have longer limbs and tail, are less resistant to cold and are more red than the Carissians. Dominant languages are Crescanian and Nyzian.

Lothessan Croiz are an extremely rare subspecies of Croiz that live on the Isles of Lothes. Lothessan Croiz are completely white and have red eyes, which makes people often mistake them for albinos, which is something they are known to take offense by. The reasons the Lothessan Croiz are so few are first that their genes are dominated by the ones of all the other subspecies and are decreasing relatively fast in numbers. Lothessans tend to be looked down upon, though, as they are often seen as arrogant due to their "special" heritage. Dominating language among the Lothessans is Khalik.