Death Walker

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Death Walker

This tall walker is a sight to behold on the battle field and a terror for anything it has its sights on. Its power Fusion Auspex gives it all the power it needs for its weapons, Magnetic Shielding and Repair field. It is known for the terrifying bellow it makes to purposely demoralize the enemy, it is also suspected that the frequency of the sound has been tried and tested to physically affect nearby organics, those closest to it are the most noticeably affected.


The Armor consists of Very Dense Titanium alloys, combined with Adamantium weaves in the armor for further durability. The Armor has a Sub layer of Carbon Nano-tube weaved super fabrics for further penetration resistance and heat resistance. The Armor is capable of self repair during combat, and can focus its Auspex on enhancing its repairs out of combat. Its Rounded Armor also proves to increase its ability to bounce shells and its heat resistance combined with magnetic fielding makes plasma weapons less effective against it, as well as Magnetic weapons, though weapons of sufficient power may not be noticeably affected by a singular lone walker.


  • Twin Laser Beam Destroyers
The Laser Beam Destroyer is both a Intense Laser weapon as well as particle weapon. It was developed from New Covenant Laser weaponry and enhanced by Grimm Technologies into a focused continuous fire Laser and intense particle weapon. It is capable of cutting through meters of Steel easily, and most vehicle shields can take little more than a second or two under its fire. This weapon is capable of being fired on all targets, from sweeping through ranks of Troops, both light and heavy, to destroying Tanks and other armored units, even air craft unfortunate enough to be swiped by the weapons.
  • Twin Laser Repeaters
Near the Fusion Auspex of the Walker is a turret meant for defense. It is a high powered twin repeating Laser, that provides rapid focus fire on targets around or near the Walker's legs. The weapon is effective on troops to light vehicles, and has a decent mid range and capable of firing in all directions around the walker including directly under it.


The tactics for this vehicle are numerous but its most apparent one is that of an overwhelming offensive capability. Being the super Vehicle of Grimm Legion, it is actually quite easily manufactured as compared to the analogues other Empires have. So this means it can be deployed in squadrons of usually three. These units are used to punch into the most defended parts of enemy territory as well as strike fear into the enemy as they attack. They are considered expendable as all Grimm Units and Vehicles are, and serve there purpose quite well. Even after defeat they prove to be a nuisance as their especially powerful Fusion Auspex goes Critical.
They can also provide supporting roles as well for a horde or Grimm Units, by keeping the drones fighting longer and being a larger target, because in a horde of troops the shared magnetic shielding becomes more potent, making the unit tougher in a group. While keeping up repair fields and being a distraction, it can also turn its powerful weapons to counter enemy heavy weapons as well.