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Domain Undefined
Classification Plantae
Lifespan 100+ Years

A Humanoid Sapient Plant based Species. Their limbs and body seem to be composed of Vines and leafy structures. They are usually a dark Green with minor coloration on some leaves. Their Humanoid head has a vine/tentacled structure that acts as a mouth. Their Internal Organs consist of Structures much like other living creatures, such as a heart, and even lungs. A Digestive track does exist, but their is no waste ridding structures, as any waste they get rid of is removed as carbon Dioxide and Oxygen. They seem to digest just about anything they consume and use it to improve their body and grow, but it should be noted like any plant, the least it needs to live is good soil, water, Carbon Dioxide, and Sun light.

Dregs grow and improve endlessly, some of the senior ones growing to be far larger than a normal Humanoid, Dregs will undergo changes based on age and diet. Tougher Dregs may develop a hard Bark like armor on them with age, and depending on diet, various metals have been seen to make up molecular weaves in this armor. It is also noted that they can grow bladed organic weapons using metals in their diet. This is a conscious action, and the quality of the blade depends on the materials ingested and available. Through Natural Processes these weapons can take a long time to form, and grow from the arms. Their Organic construction seems to make them uniquely strong and sharp possibly due to their construction on a molecular level.

Perhaps that strangest thing is they are not native to the planet at all, the seeds had been buried in the barren planets ground, how it got their is a mystery, so Dregs may exist on other planets. The Recent Climate change brought about their renewed life.

Dregs have a female Variant that acts as a Queen, but this Queen is not actually needed for their development or Reproduction, though it may be used. Reproduction usually includes pollination of flowering plants, the Dregs Pollen forcibly modifies the host plant's seeds. These seeds become Dregs Seeds, which are parasitic to other plants and grow and feed off the Host Material. The Larger the Plant, the quicker the Development of the Dregs. So Flowering trees are always preferred, but anything capable of accepting pollen will do. Some seeds may not develop and enter a stasis and will grow during the correct conditions. Dregs can grow in the ground without a host plant, but this takes significantly longer.

The Queen Dregs are unique in that they grow into a large Stationary Flower of massive proportions, each queen is unique in having a Different flower form. Some may be large Roses or Daisies and so on. They have a thick root system that may invade other nearby plants to use their resources, forming a parasitic Symbiosis. The Flower of the Queen however does not house typical flower reproductive parts, but instead houses a Humanoid Female, who looks Human, but it has been noted to take on other Female Forms, usually Beautiful ones, always of a Humanoid shape. This Female is connected by tendrils to the base of its spine, these tendrils have great length allowing the Queen to explore within its Flowers Territory.

The purpose of these Females are unknown, but they do help in reproduction when needed, they can produce many Dreg seeds, they usually only accept the pollen of exceptional and strong Dreg males to ensure strong, and resourceful offspring. Other than that they provide a sort of leadership to those that wish to follow them, or their own offspring. Why a Humanoid Female shape is taken is unknown, but may have something to do with past interaction with Sapient species.

The Drastic difference between males and females may mean that some sort of past modification or some mutation happened in the Dregs DNA in the long past.


  • Dregs
The Term Dregs is an English term for the Residue at the bottom of a glass(Liquids and Sediments or Grounds) as well as the most worthless part of something, this is not the actual word for themselves, as they have no words, as the communicate with Chemical Signals. The Typical Dreg is around 5 to 6 ft tall, and weight 130 to 180 lbs.
They are green and leafy, and they take on a specifically Humanoid form. However their legs are formed in such a way to give them strength in jumping and running, and are typically stronger than Humans proportionally. Their Limbs seem to be made up of vines, and a skeletal Structure made up of Vines as well that are structurally stronger yet flexible. They have Organs Similar to Humans, but these are entirely plant based, and don't seem to be entirely necessary, meaning wounds in what would normally be a vital area for non-plant Sapient life does not inhibit them. These Organ seem to only contribute to secondary attributes, such as self modification and digestion of materials, as Dregs are capable of Consuming just about anything, from non-organic Minerals, to solid steel. What ever is consumed is somehow used by the Dregs body in some way to help it adapt or improve itself.
The "Blood" of these Creatures is a thick gooey green sap, that can sometimes be caustic and virulent acidic depending on what the Dregs Consume. The Head of Dregs Vaguely resembles a Human Skull, but only Vaguely and its eyes are photo-receptive and heat sensitive cell structures that appear on examination as discolored dots and specs in the "eye socket" of the head. The Mouth seems to be composed of tendril like vines, with ridges and hard structures on the inward facing side that act as teeth, it has also been noticed that these can be used to suck blood and vital fluids from unfortunate victims. This mouth can also produce the Chemicals they use in pheromone like communication, and can also be used to mimic actual speech typical of other Sapient Species, though among their own kind they never use that kind of communication. Not all Dregs conform however to one form, and may Develop other things such as extra Limbs, all as a natural process that seems to be controlled by the Creature itself. Finally the top of the head seems capable of releasing Pollen that it can use to impregnate flowering plants, the Pollen so far seems to have no limit to the plants it can breed with, as long as they flower. Seeds also grow along the "Spine" of the Dreg that it can drop and plant, or forcibly imbed in larger plants to let a new Dreg Grow parasitically from said plant, these forcibly grown ones tend to grow faster having access to more Biomass inside large plants like Trees, and in grimmer news, they can also Grow from Sapient Species, however this is more limited, and not usually practiced and usually occurs only as an accident of the warrior lifestyle.
As Stated before, Organic Weapons can be grown from their Body, in shapes an Purposes they decide on, and mcust consume and digest metals or whatever Material is needed to make their desired item, however what they make is usually simple and effective, and they cannot grow anything Complex with Moving Parts. So most often Swords, and Axes and other weapon are grown, tough what the item is depends on the Dregs' Preference. This items are Constructed on an molecular Level, and are extremely strong and durable, blades having a mono-Molecular edge most of the time. The larger the item the longer it takes to grow.
  • The Unworthy
The Unworthy are unfortunate Dregs who do not Prove themselves, and so Lose their Self Awareness through a Process of Brutal Torture known as "Shaping" as it translates to. This process morphs the Dregs into other Plant Based Fauna, used to serve the Tribe or Clan they are from. The Process makes them little more than Animals, and are literally shaped to suit the needs of the Tribe from anything to Beasts of Burden, to Hunting Animals, to Bird Like creatures, and sea worthy Creatures. These Animal forms are capable of Breeding and seem to become a part of the Ecosystem they are in, but as a feature of all The Unworthy is they all bear Resemblance in a twisted way to their former selves, most commonly in the Face, which may change and morph to suit their new form, but can still be seen that were once something Humanoid.
The Largest of these can simply be called a Giant, it is large and slow, typically being the Size of a Giant Redwood or Giant Sequoia in terms of height, but in terms of Mass, far Exceed the trees. They are large and slow, and served as a living War Machine and Mobile Home for Large Tribes. They seem to have to actually be Operated like an Organic Plant Machine, as Dregs will pull on Nerves in the back of its head, to make it move and operate, it most likely takes a long time to grow these behemoths, and Smaller versions seem to be more Alive and capable of free movement, while Larger ones seem to lose the ability to consciously move altogether. These large behemoths seem to have Natural Super Dense bark like Armor, which literally seem to have metal in their Construction probably from materials introduced during Shaping, this creates an Organic Armor that can turn some into Mobile Fortresses.
Their are other Forms that seem to be shaped with each advance in technology, that seem to be made to function similar to Machines through organic Processes. Recently Forges, formed and Grown from an Unworthy, are used to make blades and Weapons faster than what an Individual Dreg can do. These seem better at forming Complex parts, though Individually, and a Sapient Dreg must assemble them. This seems to hint at some complex things in their Genetic Structure. It should be noted they may be capable of more Complex tings as time goes on, and it seems competition with the other Sapient Species on the Planet helps accelerate this development.
  • The Proven
The Proven as they translate into, are a Warrior class, more akin to Nobility. Culturally they are No longer a Dreg, Or 'Worthless', and physically they actually have changed and ascended into a stronger form. The Proven are a bit more Colorful than the Standard Dreg, but are still Capable of Natural Camouflage. They are Proportionally Stronger than normal Dregs, and they always have a Bark Like Armor that is apart of their body. This Bark is dense, and contains Natural Carbon Fibers and Organic Metallic Weaving in it. This Armor only Improves as the Proven takes in more materials to improve itself. Besides looking Physically Superior and Natural Armor, as well as identifiers that make them appear to be some sort of higher caste, they just like the Smaller Dregs. A Proven Stands around 6-8ft tall, and weights 200 to 300 lbs, depending on the amount of Metals in their Armor. They have abilities like Normal Dregs, and can do them all but better.
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