Emperor Justinian II

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Emperor Justinian II
Race Super Human
Age 357 (Aged During 500 Year War)
Gender Male
Rank Emperor
Class Paladin Crusader

The Current political head of the New Covenant. Justinian is named after one of his forefathers, and was the late Emperors only son. Due to his genetics he was seen as a perfect candidate to become a Crusader, and his latent Psyker potential he would become a Paladin.

His youth was spent mostly in the extremely brutal training regiment that all Crusaders went through, and so besides his early life, he was not so privileged. As a Paladin he combated Demons and Aliens alike, but were especially trained to take on Demons and other dark forces that were weak to their Holy attacks. Justinian went through the ranks quickly as his power blossomed and grew under the training and in the forge of war, and he may be the most powerful psyker alive currently, and his full potential has only been scratched at, mostly due to the fact he is not as disciplined in using the art as a caster, but more as a warrior.

He continued on like this, slaying Demons and helping to end entire planetary wars when working in his Squad. He had some misadventures one of them includes his time -Data Expunged- which is why he is even willing to deal with a Aliens of any sort, but also lends to his personal distrust of them.

Around the time he reached his hundredth year of life was also the time his Father the late Emperor passed from this world. He had mostly been kept alive by the technological advances available to the New Covenant, explaining his extreme age. Due to the Death and with no other heir to take the throne Justinian was pulled from the rank and file of The Paladin Chapter and set up on the throne, where he has ruled for the last 50 years.

Another problem, not necessarily for Justinian himself, but those with an Interest in keeping the Tiberius blood line in power want to find a way for Justinian to have children, and therefore need to find him a wife capable of accepting his genetics. A fact obviously kept away from Justinian as it would obviously offend him.

Currently he is active in the overall Galactic community, in order to protect the interests of his people and to guard them against threats such as the Croiz, which he knows one day will need to be made extinct to ensure Humanity continues, at least until the day of judgement.


He wears a suit of Golden Power Armor, it is of Artisan make and is extremely advanced even for Crusader Power Armor, as it just as tough as Juggernaut Armor while not being as bulky. On top of that the armor has focus points that let him either use his psyker power to increase physical attributes on the fly, or shield himself from damage. He also has a personal shielding system as well, further making him tough, and well protected.

He also uses a Power Sword that is also a Force Sword as well, and the Blade is as old as the Emperor's Blood line.

He also has various other Weapons uniquely designed for him only.