Empire of Caelum (E.O.C)

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Empire of Caelum (E.O.C)
Player True Evangelion
Leaders Isiah Lumilia, Lumia Lumilia, Solarin
Species Human, Solarisian
Inclination Twilight
Population 40 Billion
Government *insert data here*
Religion Various
Currency Aurum
Primary Languages English
Home World Lumen
Core Planets Lumen
Organizational Alliance The Entente
Trade Agreements Unani Empire (U.E)

Current History

Revealation of Arcanus Diabolus

The History of the Caelum empire goes a while back, spanning several years into the past. However, the evolution and spread of the empire was deliberately held back by Arcanus Diabolus, who was in disguise as their leader to reduce chances of being detected by the Solarisian race. He planted himself in a pocket-dimension on the planet in a reduced form, calling himself "The Shepard", along with using two Unknown Tormentors as assistants: Sacritus and Uliaes. At first, he seemed to be a benevolent, but mysterious, commander to the Caelumians, but when his true identity was revealed, they instantly revolted against him. This occurred with Caelum's first contact with another race: The Unanians. During a mission, which doubled as testing for Cynosural Technology and scouting, Isiah crash landed on Tyril. After a hostile meeting, the Caelum Super-Carrier deployed there took Isiah and returned back to Lumen. It was around this time that the Unanians planned to attack the Caelum Empire. It was also the time Lumia decided to reveal herself. Space Combat ensued, along with other empires joining in. Caelum's navy began to break apart, but when The Tormentor revealed himself, the tide turned. Lumia immediately intervened with her Fortress Ark, The Requis, one of the strongest known ships. In response, Diabolus fielded a Dark Serpent Fortress Ark, the Iucidium. In this battle, Isiah also awakened his true Solarisian powers and joined the fight against Diabolus. In the end, due to a hasty rescue by Solarin, Diabolus and his forces were routed, and the Empire now under control by the top three Solarisians. However, Satanail abused this moment, and briefly tried to exterminate everyone, but this was also stopped.

Dark Serpent Attack on Tyril

The Dark Serpents attacked Tyril with a large force. Using this opportunity to crush them, they even sent in the Iucidium again. This was also when Isiah met his partner, Lilica, and also cooperated with another empire to defeat the leader of the current invasion force: Arcanus Arachnia

However, a second attack occurred, with a much larger force, including several dreadnaughts and the Iucidum. The battle was gigantic, and Tyril was under serious siege from the Dark Serpents. However, with combined efforts and a full mobilization of military might, they were routed back into the galactic edge, where the serpents wait to strike once again. ,

Chaos Serpent / Fate-walker Arc

During a Dark Serpent siege on Lumen, the Unknown tormentor was one of the high-council members of the Dark Serpents, being much stronger than usual. Isiah had sacrificed himself to stop an attack, blowing a large hole in his chest and losing his left arm. However, before Arcanus Tonitrus could do anything else, Isiah revived by synchronizing with the spirit of a single 'Chaos Serpent', a Solarisian/Dark Serpent being. This granted him extreme power and a new left arm. However, after all these events ended, the Chaos serpent took over his body. While he worked with everyone for a while, in the end he betrayed the group and went on a rampage. After the group followed him to the Astral Ocean, the space between dimensions, he revvealed that he was not a Chaos Serpent, but a being called a 'Fate Walker', beings who can read the fates of others, and extinguish them. After a fight, the being was defeated, revealing his name was Votom. He carried a memory fragment, which was ripped from his chest from Isiah as a Memory Guardian. Votom warned of a danger present far more dangerous and evil than anything the empires have ever encountered, including the Dark Serpents. He told the group his desire was to create a world without them. Heeding his warning, the group left, wondering what he meant.

Requiem Arc

The forces of Requiem are a dark-natured forced led by one who calls himself the "Demon King". Caelum has been involved in many fights against him, as well as being the first to successfully repel an attack and save the planet, Aurulia, with great cost though. In this point in time, the use of the Fortress Arks and Super caps has been essential. Like many other empires, they have taken great losses, and vow for revenge for every killed man, woman, and child. They see the Demon King as a delusional being, and wish to put him to death for his actions.

The Angelicytian Agenda

A little bit after the above event, the cogs of the Angelicyte inter-dimensional empire began to move. Mainly because they have captured the warning of Votom. They believe they know what it is, but pray they are wrong. Everything they have done up till now is in preparation for what they now call 'The Final Battle'. The first major event was Lumia Lumilia revealing herself to be one of princesses of the Angelicyte monarchy, meaning Isiah was one as well. She encountered Unani and Edolasian personnel while trying to lock down the core of the Ouroboros. Since then, the existence of the Angelicytes is closely guarded, not much is known about them to the empires. Later, a data-hive malfunctioned and became discovered by Entente forces, prompting an investigation force being sent. They also had an encounter with a battle-cruiser belonging to the Angelicytian military, as well as spider drones. The relationship between the Angelicytes is one of strain. They do not trust each other, and it is true if the Angelicytes actively participated in the war efforts, a lot of lives could of been spared. But, due to a non-interference clause, mainline assistance is not allowed unless in the case of a possible Class-Z apocalypse, which is the destruction of all multiverses, reality, and possibility of life anywhere. In that case, the Angelicytes will attempt to take control of the focal point and swiftly crush the danger. However, they have only had one run-in with a true class-Z, and they needed allies to just repel it. Those allies have now disappeared into their space, becoming nothing but a memory to the Angelicytes that they will never forget.

The Solarisians

The Solarisians are a powerful race of humanoid creatures. They are originally from a pocket dimension, which they were the only life populating it. They all use to fight over the control of their god, Solarin. However, peace is now widespread across their galactic empire until the infestation of a dark force. Solarisians have the power to manipulate light, using it in a variety of ways, including but not limited to laser weaponry, optical camouflage, and E-Warfare. Along with those light manipulation abilities, they also have a natural ability of telepathy and telekinesis, as well as the invasion of enemy minds. The technology of Solarisians are rivaled by few, if any. However, the technology used by the Caelum Empire is not up to that quality yet, and they still have ways to go. The Solarisian Pocket dimension is currently cut off from the main world, and it is unknown if it will ever be opened to it. But, with the rise of an ancient evil, whose destruction is on a universal level, their help may be needed to end their machinations, to protect all of life.