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Enforcement is the specialized policing force within the Unanian Empire. They deal with criminal acts within the Empire and although rare, make arrests as required. Depending on the department, one would either be in charge of investigating cases of espionage, sent off on patrols to keep the peace or participate in several business related activities such as community outreach programs or Galactic Network monitoring.


The Enforcement Uniform is a simple setup designed to allow anyone to immediately tell a person was part of Enforcement from first glance.

It consisted of a Hat which contained the Unanian Empire crest in addition to a dark green button-up shirt with pockets over the chest. Printed on the shirt was the Unanian Empire Flag on the upper-right arm, a flag containing their location on the upper-left arm, the Enforcement logo over the heart, and on the arm sleeves, the logo for the person’s specified department. On the right side of the chest near the shirts collar is a pin which contained the officer’s name. To finish it off, there is a standard pair of dark green pants.