Fergus Kohn

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Fergus Kohn
Race Human
Age 65 (543 Warp Years)
Gender Male
Rank High Admiral Lord
Class Marine Storm Trooper "Choir Boys"

Fergus is the Current HDC Representative, and Admiral of the second Exterminatus Fleet. He Represents the Empire when the Emperor cannot, and puts a solely military view on things, and is chosen for his abilities as a leader, let alone his skills as a soldier.


He is a man of an Average Tall height, of a flat 6 feet high. He has dark Clean cut hair, a rugged handsome face, but is missing his right eye, which is replaced with a Cybernetic one, the Cybernetic eye is three pronged, having a main eye an two extra sensors, that let him see in multiple spectra of radiations, the visible spectrum and higher and lower spectra as well. His chin has a clean cut strip of facial hair leading from the middle of his lower lip to his chin, he also has sideburns, that are well cut, but stretch down his sides and are refined. His one, good eye is a deep green and speaks of a man who has seen many things.

Equipment and Attire

  • He wears an Admirals coat and attire on top of his power armor, Reference for style here
  • As Stated He also wears a Decorative Form fitting Power Armor, high quality, which enhances his reflexes and strength, he is no Crusader but his armor is just about as good, though it cost a lot to have it made.
  • He has a neural interface implanted in his skin, to mimic the neural interface Crusaders have with their Power armor, this makes the armor an extension of his own body.
  • A power fist, Artisan crafted, Capable of integrating with his power armor to increase the swing speed of the power fist, so it is as fast as a normal punch with all the strength of the power fist.
  • An Artisan Crafted Over-Charged Laser Rifle, with a power pack.

Gifted Items

  • Magpistol given as a gift from the Bridgend, It is appreciated. Will be blessed before use, but kept unaltered except for minor aesthetics.