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Unanian Misconceptions

Within the Unani Language, the word Feron means "The Ancients". This is due to the fact that the common theory resulting from how the Unani was seemingly born on the planets Tyril and Oron. It states that an Alien race had brought them to the planet early on in history. Of course, there are many who take this declaration to far, changing the simple meaning into one that claims that The Ancients are god and that they had saved them from their former home. This allowing them to continue out life on their new found planets.

While the theory is half right by speculating of an ancient race interfering with early history, Feron is merely the name of the God that a little under half of the Anari Populace believed in. Luckily though, as Unanian society continues to learn about the Ancients and the Geis Walker Project this miss conception is slowly being eaten away.