Fury Weapons

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Fury weapons, also called Meltas, Slaggers, and other things by troops, area a type of heat based weapon that uses energized gasses fired in a beam that transfer heat to a target and literally can cause instant combustion or melting. These weapons are the answer to problems with Plasma weapons, as they do not overheat when used, and unlike plasma they do not make any noise aside from the sound of a target melting or in a living target the sound of fluids being vaporized.

The beam weapon itself may appear as a bright flash when fired, or a beam with no actual color besides the heat distortions it creates, or a colored beam can also be a result when fired. It all depends on the model and make of the weapon, but all have the same effect on a target, which is usually a quick death.

These weapons are not long range however and are more effective at mid to short ranges, though larger variants do give a moderate increase to range, making this weapon effective at close ranges where the transfer of heat to the target is extremely fast. With a pull of the trigger what was once in front of the soldier, would be gone with a flash.


This type is rather rare, and expensive, but it makes an effective combo when used with a Melee weapon as Fury weapons are effective anti-melee weapons, so when used at close range with a Melee weapon, one can effectively take on more targets by melting one while hacking another.

Standard Fury Gun

Used by Soldiers trained in their use and special forces, these weapons make effective counters to melee unit and are extremely effective as anti-armor weapons where they can melt right through tank armor. These weapons have many variants, some fire a beam as before stated or a Conical Blast.


The Multi-Fury is a heavy weapon made by combining two Fury Guns into one, it is a heavy weapon with a longer effective range than its smaller counterparts, however its range is no where as good as other Heavy weapons of its class, but it get a decent mid range of engagement. It is more effective at closer ranges like its counterparts.

Fury Cannons

All Fury weapons larger than the Multi-Fury are designated Fury Cannons. These range in size, from a Cannon mountable on a Chimera Chassis, and the much larger version mountable on the ancient effigies of destruction known as the Olympians.