Galactic Calendar

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Galactic Calendar
Game Start 2862G.C (5036 Earth Time)
Current Year 2866G.C (5084 Earth Time)

The Galactic Calander is the universal calendar of the game throughout the empires. The reason for the specific date it started was due to it landing on a significant moment for most of the empires. For the United Systems Commonwealth, it begins at the end date of the Invasion of Sol in 2218 Earth time. In Unani history, it signifies the uniting of the Human Alliance and the Fe'Juk Republic. In New Covenant time, it signifies the exit of Warp Space.

However, not all empires use this calendar, which is mostly used by Humans. The Crescanian Confederacy counts from the beginning of the Crescanian Unification War, which is counted as the beginning of the Crescanian space era, with the current year being 589. The Kingdom of Edolas counts from the end of the Daimao War, with the current year being 2000, and the Kingdom of Nh'Koseni counts from the birth of Den Vai, with 4273 being the current year. However, all three of these use the Galactic Calendar when dealing with other empires, due to the simplicity of having similar dates.

When each empire adopted the new calendar, they started anew from 0 counting upwards.