Grimm Cruiser

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Grimm Cruiser
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The Grimm Cruiser is the largest vessel available to the Grimm Legion, not because it is not able to build anything larger, but for the sake of efficiency and speed. The Grimm Cruiser is a potent ship, but relies on support of numbers and quick unexpected strikes. Compared to the frigates though it brings more weapons to bear, and is more capable of getting into a fight with ships its class and larger.

Like the Frigates, the models vary Drastically from ship to ship, though commonalities can be found, and for a majority of the Grimm Legion, this type of Cruiser can be expected to be found, and is most common.


The armor uses advanced New Covenant techniques to keep the structure sound when taking damage, so it makes use of angling, in this ship though it uses more rounded surfaces for a similar effect, to help disperse if not deflect oncoming projectiles, and effective distribution of kinetic energy along the hull. It uses advanced alloys in keeping the armor light and effective, it makes heavy use of Carbon-Nanotube weaving, and a adaptive gel dispersal layer, much like the Smaller Stalker fighter. These larger ships are of course a larger investment for the Grimm Legion, and so like Death Walkers they have a mesh weave of Adamantium to further strength the integrity of they hull, but using only enough to make a difference to save resources. The armor makes use of heavy amounts of magnetism to disperse plasma, and to redirect or slow down metallic projectiles, the magnetic field Projectors on these ships are more powerful than the frigates and are more capable at stopping oncoming projectiles, and dispersing Plasma and other Particulate beams. However they can be overwhelmed quite easily as stress on the fields increases, and so when supported by Frigates or other Cruisers, the Fields are shared and Enhanced.


  • Twin Forward Mounted Laser/Particle Lances
Similar to the Lances of the Frigates, these are larger and higher powered. They are Internally Built, and the frontal ports open to reveal them before firing. As with all Lance Weaponry, it is best fired when a ship no longer has shields, as a finishing blow.
  • Fusion Auspex Cannon
This Main Weapon goes deep into the hull, and is in between the two Lances in the hull. This weapon charges up and fires a large ball of a contained Fusion Reaction. The Fusion Ball is accelerated down the barrel at extreme speeds, akin to a Rail Gun, and the Fusion Ball explodes on impact. The stasis field acts as a Solid Projectile on contact, delivering kinetic force, which may be significant enough to puncture into a hull before Exploding as a Fusion Bomb. This weapon is a more original weapon developed by the Grimm Legion, and possibly there most powerful, and it does not over extend the amount of resources they use.
  • Three Twin-Barreled Rail Cannon
These Turreted Rail Cannons are secondary Weapons for the Cruiser, and allow the vessel to engage other ships at a distance, from every direction. These act as a long range weapons battery for the ship to ship combat, and their primary use is to weaken enemy shields before delivering a finishing blow with the Primary weapons.
  • Micro Missile Assault Batteries
These smart missiles are fired in mass quantities to destroy enemy fighters and to attack enemy ships, usually to take down shields. These missiles are quite literally manufactured within the ship even during combat, pulling from on board resource reserves. The missiles are highly explosive and quite capable of destroying enemy ships of similar size, through sheer numbers. When engaging large better armed vessels however, they are best used for removing enemy shields.
  • Plasma/Fusion Bombs
These Cruisers are capable of creating bomb of Contained raw plasma as well as Contained Fusion reactions. These are Magnetically flung from the bottom of the ship, or they can be delivered by Stalkers. However being Larger Ships these are only used by the Stalkers, or as a last resort if a ship get close enough.


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