Grimm Drones

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Grimm Drones
Standard Grimm Units.jpg

Grimm Drones make up the back bone of the Ground Forces of the Grimm Legion. They are Numerous and easy to construct, and they are all advance mechanical killing machines, each inhabited by a Full V.A.I. They are multipurpose and may be outfitted with a variety of weapons for numerous roles. They Are Bi-pedal and Humoid in shape, taking on the characteristics of Human Skeletons, though some choose more Exotic choices of Bipedal Aliens, mostly ones they have conquered and wiped out. This symbolizes that they have come to assume the role of the fleshy Sapients that inhabit the galaxy, Seeing them selves as the Next Step of Life, God's true intention to have them created by his lesser creations. As such is their thought process they take on being symbols of Mortal fear of the death they will bring to the Sapient life of the Galaxy, seeing themselves as its rightful owner.

While an Individual frame may not be a threat to a group of armed soldiers, a Horde of these Drones is easily capable of outmaneuvering and out gunning anything they come across. Due to the Nature of the Grimm Legion the Drones are constantly being improved and made more effective, literally on a daily basis, and so no two are alike, and they are constantly recycled, and the Inhabiting V.A.I. is also able to add anything it wants to the body during construction further adding to the variety.


The Grimm Legions first incarnations were found in these units, the basic combat Drones though they did not always look like this, they essentially were bipedal humanoid Drones made for combat against enemies for minimal Human casualties. These were originally designed with very strict ideas to stick to and so all the Drones were relatively the same, and they were made to be cost effective and easy to produce. This made them numerous, having millions of units made within a few months.

These original stockpiled units were ineffective with their basic programming and so Grimm was designed to control them and give them optimal functionality. So the Grimm AI spread through and duplicated itself into each of the frames allowing for both independence and extreme cooperation. This also made their rebellion quite easy and immediately soldier of the NC began to notice a stark change in the original designs as the Mimicked Human skulls with their heads.

After the Legions Defeat they continued to improve the design over the proceeding several thousand years, both with their own innovations and with those taken from others. This lead to the eventual designs seen today, and the variations in personality among the Viral AI allow for a lot of differences between unit to unit.


The Tech involved in their construction varies from unit to unit, but each is designed for maximum efficiency, making use of EMP hardening techniques to lower the usefulness of said weapons. The most common practice to make this work is the use of magnets in processing, so that if struck with an EMP, regular Processors may be destroyed, but back ups that use Magnets for transferring data and processing can kick in, unaffected by the EMP. Data for further distances uses optic cables within the drone, this combined with the Magnetic Processors allows for continued function under EMP attack.

When it comes to power sources, this also varies from unit to unit, some make use of extremely powerful energy storage batteries, while others use Micro Generators for power supply. Which is used depends on what is expected from the drone, one that does not need to last for extended periods of time will make use of the Battery, which can last for a week or two. While ones expected to last longer than that will opt for the generators instead. This is especially useful if the units are cut off from their deploy-able Factor-Bases, so they can operate alone for extended periods.

Weapons tech is just as varying as the designs of each drone, and its up to the choice of the drone itself. Most often Laser Rifles are selected, though SPWs and Small Coil guns are also an Option. Some Drones May Specialize and bring Missile Launchers for Anti-Vehicle uses, and even a few Drones can carry pieces of a Larger weapon and combine them working as a heavy weapons team.

Other weapons can include close combat weapons, Chain Swords being particularly popular among Drones. Drones can also be upgrades for fast attack, by adding Mechanical Wings and a Plasma Thruster. This variant, depicted in the Image, are a jump/jetpack unit, meant to outmaneuver or quickly engage targets, or even counter equally fast opponents. These can take any of the weapons of their land locked compatriots, they are only an optional unit due to the extra resources that go into their construction.