Grimm Frigate

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Grimm Frigate
Grimm Frigate.png

The Grimm Frigate is the most common type of naval vessel that the Grimm Legion has. They are in no ways standardized and it is not uncommon to see some that look entirely different. The one shown is the most common, and is related to the main faction of the Grimm AI, the Grimm Legion.

Due to the nature of the Grimm Legion, doing mostly raids and quick ground assaults, this craft was designed with this in mind. This Frigate measures in at 850 meters long, and is much smaller than New Covenant Counter-parts and most likely closer in size to other Empires ships of similar size. These ships are mass produced, in numbers exceeding other navies, and they use wolf pack tactics to take on larger craft.

They are also designed to fly in atmosphere as well to deploy units, and micro factories for building units. It is effectively a huge drop ship, with star ship class weaponry. It is very fast, light though efficient in its armor design to maximize protection while limiting resource use, combined with magnetic shielding giving it an edge against magnetic and plasma weaponry, while relying on its armor for other types of weapons.


The armor uses advanced New Covenant techniques to keep the structure sound when taking damage, so it makes use of angling to help disperse if not deflect oncoming projectiles, and effective distribution of kinetic energy along the hull. It uses advanced alloys in keeping the armor light and effective, it makes heavy use of Carbon-Nanotube weaving, and a adaptive gel dispersal layer, much like the Smaller Stalker fighter. The armor makes use of heavy amounts of magnetism to disperse plasma, and to redirect or slow down metallic projectiles, it has been know to redirect magnetic projectiles back to enemy ships when clumps of these frigates are near each other enhancing each others Mag fields.


  • Twin Forward Mounted Laser/Particle Lances
The design for these weapons is borrowed from the New Covenant powerful Laser Weaponry designs, and the fact these archaic designs make use of particle acceleration as well makes them all the more effective. This weapon is fired as a continuous beam on a lower setting than its New Covenant Counter-part, this allows for more efficient use of power. This weapon is also only fired once enemy shields fail, then it is used to cut through the hull and destroy the enemy vessel.
  • Two Auxiliary Laser Pulse Destroyers
These are also forward mounted, and come from New Covenant designs. These are fired as an intense pulse, for attacking both shielded and unshielded ships. It saves energy to fire these before resorting to the main weapon, to either do damage or take down the shields so the main weapon can be used.
  • Micro Missile Assault Batteries
These smart missiles are fired in mass quantities to destroy enemy fighters and to attack enemy ships, usually to take down shields. These missiles are quite literally manufactured within the ship even during combat, pulling from on board resource reserves. The missiles are highly explosive and quite capable of destroying enemy ships of similar size, through sheer numbers. When engaging large better armed vessels however, they are best used for removing enemy shields.
  • Plasma/Fusion Bombs
These Frigates are capable of creating bomb of Contained raw plasma as well as Contained Fusion reactions. These are Magnetically flung from the bottom of the ship, or they can be delivered by Stalkers. So while in a wolf back, they can act as heavy bombers release multiple bombs at once.


Most Commonly these Frigates group into "Wolf Packs", small groups, to take on larger ships, using superior mobility to outpace larger ships, and number to keep them distracted. They focus on taking down the shield and then destroying the larger vessel.
They can also act as light carriers for fighters, and screen enemy fighters from reaching the Cruisers in the Fleet. When it comes to planetary assault they act as large Drop ships delivering deploy-able Factory bases to the surface, to begin an invasion.
Finally the more unique aspect is the fact these ships can connect together to form larger . They sacrifice weapons use while doing this, and they usually will mount onto the Grimm Cruisers, and then arrive in enemy territory, the massive clump of ships can use the massive defensive bonus it usually ignore enemy fire, before separating and swamping the enemy with greater numbers.