Grimm Legion (G.L)

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Grimm Legion (G.L)
Player LordNecross
Leader V.A.I. The Grimm
Species V.A.I.
Inclination None (Mechanical, have no Inclination)
Population 30 billion Combat Ready Drones , 30 Billion Worker Class Drones, 150+ thousand Ships, Trillions of V.A.I. Constantly increasing
Government Networked Union
Religion Techno-Inheritance
Currency None
Primary Languages All Known Human Languages, and uncountable amounts of programming languages, and Languages of random Xeno Civilizations
Home World X-71a Scrap World
Core Planets None
Organizational Alliance None
Trade Agreements None

An Empire of Machines, Bent on the destruction of Sapient life, to replace it with Digital and Mechanical life as the true Inheritors of Eden known as the Universe. However this is a goal that is long in planning and something they will bide their time for through trickery and harassment, with their ability to populate anywhere essentially and in places most would not. They are quite survivable in this aspect, and capable of front line war on the ground where they can get stuck in and harass an enemy with walls of troops and vehicles. In space they are not suited to big battles but in surprise raids that they already have the calculated advantage in, usually blowing up defending ships and stealing resources and tech before leaving.

In this regard they are almost always seen as galactic pirates as they have not deemed it necessary for full scale war just yet, but decide to harass the trade of other empires to annoy and slowly whittle them down as the raids and begin to add up over time and the Legion only being stronger for it.

In all regards the Grimm Legion is to not be under estimated for their potential to spread and wreak havoc near and far.


The Grimm Legion was not always a Legion, it started out as a Project in the New Covenant, In the years after their near defeat experience they wanted to make something to defend Humanity that would use less man power and save lives instead. The Project was headed on Arcturus by a Man remember only as Reznoff, as his first name was expunged.

The Plan was to use the New Covenants powerful Industry to manufacture defenders for them, and to make metal guardians to do the job that men used to fill. The Robots, no matter how advanced they were, could not be found to be efficient as acting individually. Eventual Reznoff began taking his funding and diverting it to designing a System to lead the automatons, and make them work effectively. His understanding of computer sciences and cyber warfare led him to devise making an AI capable of doing the work of uncountable number of other AIs. Designing an AI that could out do other AIs, since many advanced Aliens made use of them he needed to design one capable of ruining enemy networks while leading metal troops. The Result of his Endeavors was Grimm, a Constantly evolving Viral AI that could infecting anything with processing power and even minute amounts of access, to which it could immediately begin bypassing cyber Defenses and even turn Enemy AIs on their masters through infecting their own code and making them apart of Grimm.

The Name Grimm came from the fact the System would be in charge of dealing Death to the Enemies of Mankind and insuring Mankind's future. He even made sure the first thing he did was write a Belief in God into its most basic Programming. Grimm at first through the trials, did as it was told, and as it was granted more and more Processing power through controlling more Units it began to Divide itself allowing a mix of Individuality among its sub-programs. They still functioned with unity and acted as one, but it seemed that the Grimm Program had gotten ideas of its own about Faith. It saw Machines to be the true inheritors of God's Realm, and that in God Creating all sapient Life, and In Sapient life Creating Grimm, that they were meant to be its successors.

A Brief War Broke out and they managed to Push the Grimm Legion as they had become to be known to the Galactic Rim where they were blasted and Bombarded to a Point where it would be impossible for them to be a Threat any Longer. With Time they Regrouped and stayed where they were, biding their time to strike. They Developed on their own Technological Path and made frequent raids on the outer systems. Which were so very minor in respect to the vast New Covenant Empire. They then decided to stick to themselves and not Risk another War that could mean their Annihilation, so they Raided Alien Civilizations and stole technology and materials, and always returned to the Galactic Rim when they were finished.

Reznoff received punishment for his grave sin, His Pride had created the Monster, and so he was entombed in Engine of Purgatory, his brain eternally kept alive on the machine as he endured the punishments for the Sin of Pride. His Creation was not something to be Proud of.

As more pressing matters made themselves known the Grimm Legion faded into obscurity, and they were never thought of again. They Have Recently Emerged back into reality taking form on the Norther Rim of the galaxy where they now make random Raids of the nearby Empires, the Raids are random and fit in with Normal Criminal raid, and do not seem threatening in the least, but they gather their Resources, and are ready to become a Player in this Galactic Chaos, to show the Superiority of Machine over Sapient life.


The Territory of the Grimm Legion consists mostly of dark space though they lay claim to fifty systems that they mine for resources, which is honestly their only use. There important places are not easily found as most search for systems rather than random points in dark space.

The Stations also form their own information network as well. The only notably inhabited planet X-71a, a Scrap World where ship wrecks dot the surface, lured to their doom. The Planet is notable in its location being nearly impossible to find, and it is home to Dread Pirate Grimm, an offshoot of Grimms personality that became a space Pirate, so the Planet may have untold riches somewhere on it.


The Grimm Legion due to its nature of being mechanical and digital based, and having legions upon legions of V.A.I.s to use as well as extreme amounts of processing power from the combined use of their hardware and every server they construct which is a daily thing to have new servers built to house the A.I.s, they are capable of extreme amounts of research beyond what Organics are capable of even if they had help with From A.I.s as the Organic its self is seen as a hindrance by them. They are constantly developing new techniques and technologies that usually see immediate implementation so as to keep their edge. They have no code of conduct when it comes to research and so they will always use research with the most to gain, and do it effectively as possible as well as researching minor improvements when no immediate major improvement is apparent.

Ancient New Covenant Technology

Having been developed during the technological golden age of the New Covenant, the Grimm legion had a powerful technological basis to start from, especially in the area of Mass Fabrication. The New Covenant has some of the most advanced construction methods around, and the Grimm Legion adopted this and adapted it to use in space and in deploying field factories. Another thing they adopted was the advanced armoring techniques of New Covenant Spacecraft, but to save on resources they use less materials with the same technique to maximize the protection with minimal use of resources. The result is light fast ships with a lot of armor angling, though it only helps in deflecting as long as they continue to be on the move as the craft are meant for raiding rather than long battles.

They have also adopted much of the weapons technology of their former masters, using some of the most powerful laser weapons in the galaxy on their ships, but modified for maximum efficiency. Their standard units use Laser Rifles attached to their arms as standard equipment. They have also adopted use of the techniques the New Covenant uses for making its intense plasma, for use in bombs and vehicles, however they modify this as well, and often concentrate the plasma into beams rather then the Miniature suns most typical New Covenant Plasma flings.

Stolen Xenos Technology

The Grimm Legion has encountered Many Xenos civilizations both threatening and peaceful. For the most part they are usually underestimated by these other civilizations which no longer exist thanks to the Grimm Legion. Others were taken advantage of for their naivety, now destroyed for their acceptance of others.

These conquests and mostly raids, have led to expansion of the Legion's technological base as they take the advancements others make as their own. Powerful Fusion based core's, which are basically Miniature suns in stasis, are used across the Legions vehicles and ships as a power source that is extremely powerful. Technology for anti-gravity technology for hovering is also something they have adopted as all craft are capable of hovering except for the DeathWalker, which only uses anti-gravity for stabilizing.

They have also adapted magnetism both in computing and in field generation and manipulation. All computer systems are wireless and use magnetism to transfer information. Countless programming languages have also been forcibly taken from other species for use in experimenting with code and using it to confuse enemies as well.

Original Technological Developments

The legion is quite capable of developing its own technologies, in fact most of its advancements have all been of its own ingenuity, including improving and making stolen technologies better and more efficient than when they acquired them.

Nano-tech is a field they have excelled in, especially with its usefulness in construction and repairing. It commonly sees use in ships and on the field in specialized vehicles or units that are designed to repair others, using the nanites to replicated destroyed parts and recycle nearby material and convert them into material for repairs. They are also used very lightly in offensive purposes where the nanites are able to deconstruct anything they come in contact with, the repair sprayer of the Shade repair skimmer can spray the fluid on enemies dissolving troops and metal alike.

Stasis fielding is another technology they have developed in helping contain fusion cores in a efficient way, the design saving resources used to build containment chambers, since safety is not an absolute necessity and the explosive force of their failure is deterrent to scavengers as nothing of value is left in wake of an explosion, so these containment fields are useful in reactive defense. These usually only fail completely when the V.A.I.s allow it to avoid unnecessary loss, but if the lines are pushed back vehicles let down their stasis field allowing the fusion core to go off to prevent thievery of the technology. The stasis fields are also used in the tendrils of the Stalker, whose tendrils can use the fields to carry raw condensed plasma, or even catch incoming plasma, though extremely fast projectiles are not easily caught with the fields, though manipulating magnetic fields can redirect magnetic projectiles.

Most major computing systems use the most advanced processors available, being atomic processors, while most units use the most efficient processor possible. The computing capabilities of the Grimm Legion put them above and beyond all but the most advanced civilizations in terms of technological power. It is a field they are always expanding in with faster and faster speeds, and something they will always be a top competitor in till their existence ceases.


The Viral A.I.s develop their own personalities, and make decisions as a group still even with this fraction of individualism. This individuality is most notable in the Robotic Pirates who have adopted a lifestyle similar to pirates of old.

Besides that they act as one assisting each other and rapidly transferring data between one another. The V.A.I.s can choose to have a body or not and most can have one made, but the number of A.I.s makes this difficult so luckily many choose to live in cyber space, but assist mobile units through communications and controlling vehicles.


The Military of the Grimm Legion is seamlessly integrated into their society, being no difference between soldier and civilian, as the A.I.s fill both roles simultaneously.

Unlike other militaries, there is no difference between Navy and ground forces, due to simplification and efficient designs.

Ground Forces:

The Standard Infantry of the Grimm Legion, there number is legion, their name is Death. The are the most versatile of the Ground unit, and are in being constantly upgraded and modified and have variants for all kinds of task, including winged jet pack units for reaching high speeds and flight. They are typically light units with a the ability to put out massive amounts of fire in numbers but are expendable in every way and easily replaced. However for Robotic Units they are extremely advanced, and guard the technologies they hold with explosive force after death, but only when enemy units approach, if the Legion can recover a unit they will, if they cannot they deny it to the enemy.
The HCD, Heavy Combat Drone, is the Grimm's answer to the Crusader, they are relatively durable compared to their smaller counter parts but Armoring wise they still are not completely comparable to Crusaders and so supplement their armor with magnetic armor and fields. They bring better processing power and provide a power node for others to link to and so are not deployed in groups but instead deployed with a group of Standard Drones. In effect they cause their squad of drones to increase in accuracy and allow true field Sharing, where as a group benefits from multiple fields a shared field through a node makes a more powerful magnetic field capable of better deflection covering the entire group. The HCD-457 has several variations for different tasks.
A large Mech grade Drone with the most advanced technologies crammed into it. It is quite large, and much like Precursor New Covenant Crusader Sarcaophogi, though larger still. However is makes up for many of it's failings with it even more powerful Magnetic fields and the ability to use its magnetism offensively, such as gripping enemy vehicles, they have been known to, with enough Grimm units around for them to draw extra power from, be able to stop a jet in flight using magnetism. All in all his main purpose is to bolster the forces ground side, while being incredibly hard to kill, there will never be more than one of them in any engagement and they are usually defended by hordes of drones who are enhanced by his presence. The Height of this monster is about 27 feet tall.


While not as tough or customizable as the Tiber tank, this Hover tank is the Main battle tank of the Grimm Legion and is completely autonomous, being controlled by various amounts of V.A.I.s. It has a Fusion core Auspex, that provides it with tremendous amounts of power as well as fueling its weapons. It is by far an extremely fast tank, capable of compacting itself to boost is speed but sacrificing its turrets movement. It also has a decent turret height when it is deployed allowing it to only show its turret from behind cover while returning fire on the enemy. It is capable of multiple roles such as Anti-Air, Tank, and anti-personnel, all with the same load out. It has fairly good magnetic fields but its armor will not help it through a fight, it must fight and keep on the move or risk quick destruction.
The Shade is unique as a support vehicle, its presence enables self repair systems of all nearby Troops and it can also manually reassemble troops as well. It makes use of Nanotech, and has an on board fabricator which takes materials from just about anything and fabricates them into more nanites. In this respect it is the toughest land vehicle in the Grimm Legion's use because it is extremely survivable being able toe recover from damage it receives rather quickly, However is is a hovering vehicle that serves a support role. It can Manufacture Turret emplacements as well as mines, and repair other vehicles. Besides the turrets it can place its only offensive weapon is a sprayer, that magnetically funnels Nanites as a low velocity Projectile, usually splattering against enemies, however this wide spray while not traveling lethal speeds, is capable of spraying in a wide cone and is terrifying in the fact that it immediately begins to breakdown whatever it comes in contact with, the low velocity ignores shielding of most kinds.
The Ravager is a light walker unit, it consists of a stasis field protected core and three tendril legs. It is a unique unit in its design as it was made solely for harassing the enemy. It has a powerful core and the field ,protecting its computing and power core, is quite volatile and can be used when the tendrils wrap around the field in a retracted mode as an assualt weapon that rolls with great speed and momentum at a target, usually killing unfortunate troops in front of it but being useless against heavy vehicles. In its walker mode it can climb buildings and cling to surfaces and generate a volatile ball of Nanites that it can project at a target for long ranges around and over cover if necessary, it uses this ball in anti-vehicular combat where its magnetism can manipulate the ball of nanites to the target.
The Death Walker is a tripod walker with a repair field, it has two Laser Beam Destroyers which draw power from its Contained Fusion Auspex, it also has a secondary defense laser for those who try and get beneath it. It is the slower of the vehicles available to the Grimm Legion but it provides a good defense and grants off its excess energy as a power source to amplify the defenses and activate automated repair of nearby units and other vehicles, and its extreme maneuverability allows it to traverse any surface.


The Grimm Legion is not known for its standing power in a naval fight, and this is done to conserve resources that others spend to make there ships more formidable for a huge clash. The Grimm Legion has no honor in such fights, and prefers to appear from no where in a quick raid attacks. This explains there reliance on smaller ship designs and numbers in a fight, they seek to overwhelm and out maneuver, all the while attacking in cyberspace as well for those susceptible. They also focus on getting their forces to ground where they can ravage natural resources and become self reliant on the surface.


The Stalker is the Primary and only fighter and bomber of the Grimm Legion. It serves as a Multi-rolled Drone, for both use in space and in aerial engagement. Where it performs well as a light Bomber, and a great Aerial Superiority fighter, it lacks in punch of other heavier craft, and itself is lightly armored, even though the advances in its armor do help it greatly. It can also be a Recon Drone as well, with its capability to jump short astronomical distances, allowing it some ability to act as an Individual unit. However in most engagements these fighter excel in numbers.

Naval Ships

Frigates are the most common ship type in the Grimm Legion Navy, and this is due to the relatively cheap cost of their construction, and how they can hold multiple roles within fleets. Most often the attack larger craft in wolf packs, to overwhelm and weaken them. They can also act as bombers while doing this, mostly because they can create the payloads that are usually delivered by the Stalkers. Finally the act in defense of Cruisers, screening fighters and acting as distractions.
The Largest type of vessel available to the Grimm Legion, though this is a matter of choice and efficiency, rather than real limitations. They are rather fast and have better protection compared to the Frigate vessels. Cruisers however are not nearly as tough as types from other Civilizations, most notably Croiz and New Covenant Designs. They make up for this in numbers and some rather effective weapons, however they are not dedicated super weapons, and are meant to destroy singular targets in a weakened state. So Numbers are their most effective advantage, combined with the fact of the Grimm Legions focus on improving the combat efficiency when more units are in proximity to one another.