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Gu'ush, meaning Leader in Crescanian is the name of the monarch for the Crescanian Confederacy. The name originates from the time when Crescania was a democracy a long time ago, where the Gu'ush was the elected president-like leader of the nation; the nation was earlier led by a king. When the monarchy made a complete re-entrance, the name Gu'ush remained for reasons now unknown. A Gu'ush rules alone and has total power over every sector of the nation, and the title is inherited by a nominated heir. The eldest child - whether a daughter or a son - is automatically nominated as heir to the title of Gu'ush, but the current Gu'ush can nominate a new heir whenever he or she likes. The greatest difference between a Gu'ush and other known monarch types, is that the Gu'ush neither has a crown nor a throne, even though it is generally said that someone "takes the throne" or "takes the crown" if they become Gu'ush.

The current Gu'ush is Hazzet Njakja Vaisk of the House of Vaisk.