H'rrahu Cai Vaisk

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H'rrahu Cai Vaisk
Allegiance Crescanian Confederacy (C.C)
Race Croiz
Gender Male
Born 2825G.C (41)
Profession General (2860G.C-Current)
Every people and every nation is like an enormous, ever-growing chain, and every person is a link. Because a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, new, weak links, both of the same kind as the other links, as well as foreign links from another chain, weaken the chain. Crescania could be a great chain, but it is filled to the brim of foreign links and weak native links, and I fear it will soon break. And once the links break, the smith must beat them with incredible strength and cruelty to reforge them.

-General Cai

General H'rrahu Cai Vaisk is a Crescanian general and the current heir to the title of Gu'ush. He was born on Cusorea in 2825G.C, and was the oldest of seven siblings, which automatically nominated him as the heir of the Crescanian Confederacy. Considering the tendency for Croiz to switch partners many times in their lives, Cai has had unusually few wives, currently being married to his fourth wife, Disa Kebess M'hran, and currently has five children, the oldest being his son Dema Kaazu. He is an intimidating and respect-demanding figure, with a strong body whipped in shape through decades of military service, a proud posture, a stern, masculine voice, and a total no-nonsense mentality. He also have a very strong mind - having a great tactical and mathematical sense, as well as a talent for intrigue and psychological manipulation, and is a born political speaker. By his supporters he is often referred to as a strong, fearless leader who is willing to do what is necessary for the strengthening of Crescania. But his opposers describe him as a bloodthirsty tyrant, even by the standards of the already fairly fascist Croiz, who will crush the people under the heavy boot of oppression.

Saying either of the sides were wrong would be incorrect. H'rrahu has since birth shown an amazing strength of the mind, but has also been convinced that the Croiz are greatly superior to every other race in existence, and thus deserve to be the overlords of all. Holding strong beliefs in racial purity and military conquest, H'rrahu has long advocated further Croiz dominance of the so-called servant species, as well as the removing of all given rights to said species, and furthermore look to the stars for further territory and peoples to conquer. And the races that could not be pacified or enslaved, would, in the general's mind, be exterminated, so that they would not be a burden upon the Croiz species.

Cai has described extermination as an very efficient way to get rid of uncooperative aliens, criminals, political opponents, homosexuals, and other people he describes as burdens upon society. Cai holds this opinion all the higher concerning the Kerackians, whom he despises immensely due to what he perceives as arrogance and rebelliousness on their part, and has described them as "worthless, parasitic pieces of filth that ought to be eradicated as soon as possible so that they no longer leech off the societies of pure species".

General Cai has been noted by many to be a very wroth man, whom despite his intelligence tends to become impulsive when struck with rage. To the surprise of many other species, this gave Cai even further support from large portions of the Croiz population, as Croiz tend to be very aggressive by nature, and aggression is admired in Crescanian society, most likely having its roots in the extremely harsh landscape of their homeworld.