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One can see the influence of the New Covenant in the Grimm Legion, especially in their choice of a Special Forces Unit. The Heavy Combat Drone is similar to Crusaders in the fact that they are a larger heavier, and more effective unit than the regular Drones of the Grimm Legion. They have access to better armor, technology, and weapons than the standard drone, however they do not usually act in groups, but serve as more of a commanding unit for a group of lesser drones. This is where they differ from Crusaders, as their purpose is to be a heavy support unit to a group of Drones, where their presences causes the Drones to be drastically more combat efficient. They boost the drones Targeting capabilities, enhancing accuracy, as well as providing a power node for them to link their shields with the HCD. This provides a true shared field, where normally the shared shield is weaker because it is a grouping on smaller mag fields that form a chaotic bubble of magnetic fields, while the HCD's Power Node link the fields in a more Orderly fashion and allows for more efficient shield boosting. This increases there defenses drastically in a smaller group, as apposed needing to be in a larger group to get the same bonus with the HCD.


The HCD-457 is the culmination of research by the Grimm Legion to create a Unit that can counter Crusaders. However due to the Grimm Legions need for efficiency, while they are a counter for Crusaders, they also fill other roles as well. One fact remains though, while being their answer to the Crusaders, they in fact have never fought Crusaders, and it is only assumed through running simulations how they can expect to perform. These units though have gotten to see combat though in wars against Xeno empires and systems, rarely have the found a Super soldier equivalent, but from their experiences with what others consider super soldiers they have come to trust in the HCD's combat ability. As a Unit for Grimm V.A.I.s to control, it is a highly prized Drone type, and they compete for its use, mostly because it is highly Customizable, and powerful as an individual Drone. Many powerful Grimm AIs with their own personalities separate from their originator make use of these Drone types, it is not Uncommon for small faction to have a leader who uses an HCD chassis that has been modified for the AI's own personal preferences to be seen leading them.


The HCD represents a step up in technological power from the Standard Drones of the ground forces, and this can first be noticed in the size of the Drone itself, which in total height stands in excess of seven feet tall. This massive Drone allows for more room for technologies not available to smaller drones, and the first one to notice is the armoring which share some similarities with Crusader armor. The Armor however relies more on Metal Alloys, Plastics, and advanced Carbon fibers and there fore lacks in defense compared directly to Crusader Power armor.This does not mean the armor is ineffective, it easily provides protection from standard firearms, it only becomes equivalent to Crusader armor when the Magnetic fielding is taken into account. With its magnetic Shielding, it can provide similar protection as Crusader power armor, as it can reduce the velocity of oncoming rounds to a velocity the armor can better withstand, or help in the dispersal of energy based projectiles.

What truly makes them effective though is when they operate with other Drones, they are specifically designed to operate in tandem with lesser Drones to increase the Efficiency of Drones as well as the fire power of the squad. In regards to Combat Efficiency they bring advanced targeting technology to the field, and when they link up with their squad of Drones they immediately increase the accuracy of the group, helping to better focus fire and compensate for movement as well as reaction times. In the Area of Defense, while the single HCD is roughly equivalent in survivability to a Crusader, it however does not operate in Squads of Crusaders, or act in the same role, so it would be pointless for it to go against an enemy on its own. It increases its survivability with its Power node, that allows the squad of Lesser Drones to link with the HCD and share resources in power management. This also allows for a more effective Magnetic Force Field to be produced by the Drones, using the HCD to focus the shield providing a more powerful and effective bubble that can smack away and even redirect incoming projectiles depending on the size of the Projectile and if it can be affected by magnets. This ability also depends on the number of Troops linked with the HCD, and it is far greater that the partial shared field of a group of Drones without a Focus, achieving greater shielding with fewer numbers.

When it comes to weapons, this Heavy Combat Drone has many Options all of which more powerful than its smaller counterparts, though it can use Heavier Versions of those Weapons, holding one with each arm meaning at most four Weapons can be used at once. Larger Weapons can also be held, and at most two may be wielded at once. Support Options are available as well, A list of Detailed options follows.


Light Weapons

  • LMCG-434
This Machinegun is a combination of Coil-Gun and combustion propelled projectile, which makes it very efficient. It has a high Rate of fire and fires a larger Caliber round that the standard SP or Coil guns the Smaller Drones use. It is excellent against lighter Infantry though useless against heavily Armored Foes, like Crusaders, or things similarly armored. If the HCD has opted for two Additional Arms, then a Total of Four can be used at once, giving the HCD a high ammount of firepower for a Single Unit, and combined with its advanced Targeting giving it potential to take out multiple enemies efficiently.
  • HLRG-82
This Laser Weapon is a Tri-barreled Rapid fire LMG variant, that fires a more potent Laser Pulse at a faster rate. It fills in the same role as the previous weapon, but instead fires intense pulses of Photonic energy. This gun finds similarities with Illegal mods for Laser Rifles in the New Covenant, unlike the Illegally modded ones, this features the same range of a normal Laser Rifle, with a bit more punch and far faster fire rate. It still lacks in terms of taking out heavily armored opponents, but it makes very short work of lightly armored or shielded troops.

Heavy Weapons

  • RG-46
This Heavy Rail Gun is the more common item used by the HCD, it was developed to take out a Crusader efficiently. The power Behind it though makes it a good weapon against Light Vehicles as well as some heavy ones with well placed shots, though this all depends on the armoring and what empire the Vehicle originates from, as what would be considered heavy vastly differs. Overall it is an effective weapon with a high impact. A HCD with four Arms may take two to use in combat.
  • PlL-x7
The Plasma Lance is a modified Plasma Cannon, that sports an advanced firing mechanism, and uses the efficiency the Grimm Legion is known for. It is extremely similar to the Nemesis tanks main weapons, and has about the same hitting power, it however lacks in rate of fire from the smaller power source and Heat Generated. Unlike its New Covenant Counter parts however, its cooling manages to keep the gun stable and functioning, and it also projects the Plasma in a quickly pulsed Beam. It is highly effective against Heavily Armored Troops and Vehicles, even a bit more so that its Rail Gun counter part, though the still fill the same roll. It however lacks the max range of the Rail Gun.
  • GC-P/B 34
The Graviton Cannon is an advanced piece of Technology, similar to Graviton weapons found in the New Covenant, However the Technology for making Graviton Weapons was not lost to the Grimm Legion who have developed upon the technology. The Graviton Cannon fires an intense Gravitic Beam at the Target, and acts upon the Target as a beam of Kinetic Force. This can either punch a hole through the affected target due to the sudden extreme change of mass, or Knock it back with high force. When fired in this beam mode it has been noticed to leave a Flaming Mark upon what it hits due to the heating of the material from sudden change of mass and Molecular Movement. It can also be fired in a conical burst setting, which is good at knocking back those that get to close, the damage it does varies, and it can be charged for a harder burst. In this mode it is most likely to cause damage in secondary effects such as bone breakages and organ rupture.
  • MsMPs-982
The Micro Swarm Missile Pod System is a heavy weapon that is not held by the Units arms but instead Replaces the Arms, being mounted either on the Primary or Auxilary Limb joints where the Arms would be. The pods are linked Targeting wise, so the two individual pods are essentially one weapon system, using linked Targeting to ensure a higher chance of successfully hitting and destroying the target. The Missiles themselves are quite the technological marvel, they are fairly small using extremely efficient and powerful propellant fuel to do travel the distance and reach similar velocities of larger missiles, though the distance somewhat lacks. The Missiles themselves, individually are quite small and compact, and have an Explosive force that is surprisingly more powerful than what would be expected, this mostly comes from Adapted New Covenant Technologies, as the Missile System itself is based of the New Covenant own Ancient Missile Systems. These Micro Missiles recieve an initial magnetic boost though to further distance and impact. The Small missiles themselves are effective at clearing large groups on Infantry and pelting Lightly Armored Vehicles as well as Heavy Troops. These Individual Missiles though Lack the Destructive power for more Heavier Vehicles, or the Distance for engaging Aircraft, this is solve though with a modularized Innovation in the Micro-Missiles design. The Micro-Missiles May Combine into a Larger missile, capable of traveling farther as well as having a larger payload. With this, Low Flying Jets or Slower Craft higher in the Sky can be Easily Engages, and the Missiles can also have more of an effect on Heavily Armored Vehicles. A Unit can Elect to have two of these Systems, which takes up all Joints for Arms making the Units a Walking Missile Platform.

Melee Weapons

  • Vibro Magnetic Disruptor Weapons
These weapons typically appear as Swords or Axes, with Larger two hand Variants as well. A maximum of four One handed weapons may be taken or two of the Larger Variants. These weapons can be Considered Economical Power Weapons, however they function differently as the blades vibra at extremely high frequencies to increase cutting power, essentially gaining the cutting power of Chain Bladed weaponry, what puts it on par with a power sword is its intense magnetic disruptor which helps it push apart materials it cuts into achieve power weapon like damage. It however lacks in some areas, but being more economical makes it a mainstay for melee oriented Heavy Combat Drones.
  • Chain Weapons
A Staple in the New Covenant forces, it also sees plenty of use by Pirate Forces of the Grimm Legion, a smaller faction that likes to count itself separate. The Chain blade weapons have many advantages over Vibro Weapons which are quick to dull where the the Blades on Chain weapons are small and self sharpening, with the Chains being far easier to replace than maintaining the Vibro blades. The reason for use does not end there however, the sheer fear factor they induce in victims is a weapon in of itself. Its smaller versions come in forms ranging from Swords to Axes, with little deviation as only certain shapes are practical, these smaller variants rely soley on the chainsaw action to do its cutting, and so lack the cutting power to hurt Large Armored targets such as vehicles, however in skilled hands are more than enough to take on any non-vehicular units. Larger two handed variants, available to both the Grimm and in the New Covenant are better suited to destroying larger targets, the technologies within these blades are also capable of enhancing the strength of ones blows, these larger versions also use a disruptor field featured in true power weapons, however these ones are crude and not nearly as effective but still add to the cutting capability of the weapon.
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