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Classification Mammal (Primate)
Lifespan 80+ Years
Height (average) 255cm (male) 200cm (female)
Weight (average) 400kg (male) 250kg (female)
The Haká are a large omnivorous, bidedal mammal species native to the icy world of Kilaki, and are the most recent species conquered and enslaved by the Croiz. The male is the dominant gender of the species. The Haká are very ape-like in their appearance, bearing many resemblances to a gorilla, including their tendency to use knuckle-walking similar to gorillas, ironically because their arms are too large for them to walk very well with just their legs. Haká typically have thick, white fur across their bodies which serves as isolation against the harsh arctic cold on their homeworld, covering a thick, leathery hide which helps to fend off predators and other Haká. Males also have a thick, beard-like growth of fur on their chin. They have a large mouth filled with huge teeth, including four sharp canines and two dozen crunching teeth, used to chew the bones of their prey.

Haká are naturally solitary creatures that are highly aggressive to anything they see as a potential threat. Due to their lone-wolf way of life, Haká have great difficulties working together with others in groups, and fights are far more common than cooperation. This stopped the Haká from creating any sort of cultivated society, even though they definitely have the intelligence for it. When Croiz explorers first arrived at Kilaki, they believed the Haká to be only another of the many animal species inhabiting the planet. That is, until they started getting attacked by Haká wielding home-made hatchets, clubs, spears, and even bow and arrow. The Haká were however unable to form any united resistance to the Crescanian colonization, and all they really managed to do was provoke the Croiz into attempting to exterminate the Haká in order to ensure the safety of their colonies. However, upon discovering that the Haká could be "tamed" and controlled, and proved to be excellent at performing heavy physical work, the Croiz clapped the remaining Haká in chains and enslaved them, using them as a cheaper alternative to robot labour. By then there were just over a million Haká still in existence.

Today, the Haká are still slaves of the Crescanians, but are treated more like animals, being subjected to selective breeding, neutering, and are typically controlled by an electrified collar controlled by a handler. The Croiz have however recognized their sentience, which really is unquestionable due to their ability to speak in languages similar to other species, and so they are still classed as slaves. But the Croiz also know how dangerous these creatures are, and so they have taken to precautions in their attempts at controlling them, as well as attempting to breed them into calmer, more peaceful creatures while still keeping their physical strength. Controlling the Haká has proven to be relatively successful, as the Haká know there are painful consequences to not following orders, but because the breeding also failed and in some cases achieved the reverse effect, there really is nothing that can stop a rage-filled Haká short of a shower of bullets.