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Domain God, Feron (Unani Human Only)
Classification Mammal
Lifespan 100+ Years
The Dominant Intelligent species that can trace its evolutionary origin or creation to the Planet Earth of the Sol System. Collectively called Humanity.

Humans are a diverse group that come in many shapes and sizes, and skin color differences as well as hair and eye color. They are Bipedal, covered in a layer of skin with hair, with underlying musculature and an endoskeleton that supports the body and provides protection to internal organs.

They are currently the most wide spread intelligent species, dwarfing even the Croiz in numbers, but are not unified and are instead separated by Galactic Empires they have formed. Currently as a combined force they could dominate the galaxy, but differences between groups of Humans prevent this unity.

Over the several thousand years of isolation and separation include dimensional influences have caused noticeable differences among the groups of Humans.


Unanian Humans

Unani Humans developed separate of Earth, and it is unknown how much they have changed genetically, though it is most likely they are still capable of interbreeding with other Humans. Unani Humans are known for their Unatro abilities brought on by genetic augmentation which gives them seemingly supernatural abilities with energy manipulation.

New Covenant Humans

New Covenant Humans are different also, due to disturbances in time and space caused by their forebears experimental FTL system when leaving Earth, they experience 10,000 years(if not more) as compared to the actual 4000 that had passed since the fall of Earth. This difference and the fact that it was brought on by the Warp has caused a notable mutation to occur naturally among all New Covenant Humans. Many among them began to be born with Psyker abilities, which allowed them to use the energies of the warp with their mind. All Humans of the the New Covenant have the Mutation, but only a relative portion are psykers. This mutation however has proved beneficial in how they developed as the mutation gives them all a slight link to the warp, that is stronger in psykers, and that link to the warp allows information to slip into their minds which is most of the cause of the technology they have developed.

The New Covenant is also home to the only Current Super Humans, genetically altered to be the perfect defenders of Humanity. They are on average 6'8" to 7'5" in height but some, like Justinian who stands at 8 feet without power armor, can be larger. These Humans are not capable of breeding with Normal Humans and the fact their are no Female Crusaders means their Population only grows from those who are made into Crusaders from a young age by being selected for service by a Crusader chapter.

Union of Kurgan Humans

The Union of Kurgan Humans also seem to have Psykers among their ranks, and it is not known how they developed though it may be from some kind of Warp influenced caused by the New Covenant Forebears, which may have affect the Galaxy as a whole. It is also noticeable that they have the anti-thesis of psykers, known as blanks or pariah. They are in some effect soulless, not literally, but they have no presence in the Warp, which every living thing has a small presence in it, but the presence does not give psyker abilities, it just seems to have to do with how the Warp affects the universe. The Blanks prevent Telepathy of most kinds (Biological) and weaken if not outright prevent Warp powers to anything in a radius near them.

Caelum Humans

Caelum Humans

Commonwealth Humans

Commonwealth humans are the original and most direct descendants of humanity who came from Earth, who resembles humans from Earth the most, and are sometimes known as "pure-strain" or "pure-bred" humans because of this. Commonwealth humans however are also known to have Psykers, known as Telepaths to the Commonwealth, among their ranks. It is unknown if Commonwealth telepaths gained this ability through the Warp, like the New Covenant, or by different means altogether. Though the New Covenant has the most well-known and strongest super-humans, the Commonwealth also has created their own super-humans in secret. Though not nearly as powerful as New Covenant Crusaders, they are far superior to normal humans, and even superior to the naturally stronger Ventus, and an equal match to Edolas' Brain Chargers. Unlike the New Covenant however, the Commonwealth has kept information about their super-humans a secret from the others, even its own population. All Commonwealth super-humans start off as volunteers from the best the Commonwealth Special Forces have to offer, and over a period of a few months, are genetically, cybernetically and bio-chemically enhanced. Should they survive the process, they are recruited into the ranks of the CIS Covert Operations Unit, known also as Black Omega, and are the Commonwealth's most elite black ops unit.

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