Imperium of Romulus (I.O.R)

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Imperium of Romulus (I.O.R)
Leaders Emperor Baldwin VI
Species Human, Dryadales
Inclination --To Be Determined--
Population 28 Billion Humans, 12 Billion Dryadales
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Religion Various Religions
Currency Imperialis Libras (Imperial Pound)
Primary Languages English Latin
Home World Centaurus
Core Planets Centaurus Elyssia Dartanyun Nova Europa Tolonius VII Celticia
Organizational Alliance --To Be Determined--
Trade Agreements --To Be Determined--
Motto victores semper

The Imperium of Romulus is a Aristocratic Constitutional Monarchy. The Imperium of Romulus is ending its centuries of isolation, and once again turning its attention to galactic affairs. Not much is known of the Imperium's past between the Fall of Earth and the first founding of the Imperium under Romulus I. Under Romulus I and the last 17 Emperor's, the Imperium has grown from a small independent colony to an empire encompassing 178 worlds and two species. The people of the Imperium have a strong sense of collective honour and duty towards the empire and less individualism than other empires. With its strong military, economic strength and willingness to use whatever means necessary to keep the Imperium safe and gain glory for the empire, the Imperium has proven itself to be a force to be reckoned with. The Imperium is an interesting amalgamation of the Old Earth cultures and values of the Roman Empire and Imperial Russia, along with a strong sense of superiority over the other empires. Years ago the Imperium encountered a peaceful race of an elven race called the Dryadales. They were subsequently conquered and enslaved by the superior forces of the Imperium, where to this day they toil and work without rest for the Imperiums citizens. The Croiz have found this starkingly similar to their history with past races, but despises the Imperium's sense of superiority.