Independent Systems (I.S)

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Independent Systems (I.S)
Government Political, Military, Economic Alliance
Member-States 11+ Factions
Motto ...
Species Human, Ventus, Croiz, Kerackian, Fe'Juk
Inclination Multi-Inclination
Population 20+ Billion
Religion Multireligious
Primary Languages Multilingual
Capital Neutralis

The Independent Systems was formed in 2864G.C in the aftermath of the Shadow War as a group of small colonies which wanted independence from their home empires, mainly due to growing annoyance of being ignored or in some cases, abandoned by their home empires during the Shadow War. The Independent Systems was founded under the guise of an organization whos sole purpose is to facilitate group military protection to help enforce their independence, economic trade and political ties on a limited scale.

While some Factions had left their empires out of growing disgust of their empires, or are actively opposed of by their home empires, others such as those originating from the Unanian Empire had left on relatively good terms and continue to facilitate trade and other services back and fourth with their home empires.

Being a group of independent states, the each faction within the Independent Systems self-govern themselves with most of them controlling less than two colonies, some only having a single city and have no political will or coordination to expand or control more.