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Name Isiah Lumilia
Species Solarisian
Alignment Chaos
Age 17
Gender Male
Affiliations Leader of Caelum, Lilica's partner, Memory Fragment Guardian
Weapons Eios, The legendary Sword ; Singularity, the whip of light


Isiah was cast out of the Solarisian world by his own mother, Lumia Lumilia, due to the brutal civil war occurring on Solaria, the Solarisian planet. However, this turned out to be a cover up, as Solarin used this to escape that world and make it to the main world. Isiah would later be recovered by Arcanus Diabolus, using his DNA to generate false Solarisians, who died at 16 years. However, fate would have something greater in store for him, a fate that transcends time, existence, and the universe.


Caelum under Dark Serpent Rule

Isiah was being trained like a normal Solaris child, and treated like on too. All humans on Lumen hated them, and feared them. After a brief altercation in front of an education facility, Isiah was taken to The Shepard, who briefed on to scout a randomly chosen planet in a cluster indicating large amounts of technological evolution. Isiah boarded a Thanatos-type Carrier fitted for stealth operations. They also used this carrier to test Cynosural technology, which turned out to be a massive success. He ended up landing on the planet Tyril. A conflict ensued on this planet, ending up with two other dead solarisians and the surpassing of the age limit a solarisian has. With this encounter, he returns home, but the Unanians plan to get revenge for this un-expected event.

Battle at Lumen

They mounted a large fleet and set their destination to the border of Lumen's system. They distracted Caelumian forces with drones, which were systematically hunted down and destroyed. Once the fleet was discovered, the Unanians faced the full-power of the Caelumian fleet, including all eight Super-carriers. The Edolasians had also had a small stealth-corvette sneak into the battle zone and support the Unanian fleet. As the battle raged on, a large energy signature appeared to fight both sides. Lumia Lumilia, piloting a True Solarisian Fortress Ark and a remotely controlled battleship fleet with the AI Krisner, wreaked havoc upon the battlefield. However, the focus of all combatants changed when Arcanus Diabolus appeared, who was an Unknown Tormentor, the name given to a Dark Serpent commander. His power out-matched everyone else's, and began to infect all with the Dark Serpent "virus". But, the arrival of the Solarisian god Solarin cancelled out Diabolus's infection field, and unlocked the seals placed upon Isiah. This allowed him to use all of his current Solarisian powers, including light manipulation. Diabolus was driven back, and after a quick confrontation with Satanail himself, Lumen was liberated.

Post Dark Serpent Rule