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Domain Fareem
Classification Mammal (Canine)
Lifespan 180+ Years
Height (average) 300cm (male) 285cm (female)
Weight (average) 190kg (male) 165kg (female)
The Jinkou are a large, bipedal mammal species who inhabit the Jinkou Republic. They are native to the world of Ji'an, along with the Tio'ca and the Vammar. They are a peaceful race, renowned for their pacifism and wisdom, and also for their art, music, their enormous and incredibly beautiful gardens, their ability to create advanced technologies while keeping nature fully intact, their great devotion their faith, as well as their bands of holy warriors of the church, like the Guardians and the Shiroi Tsume. They are the only known species in the galaxy that is not materialistic, meaning concepts such as greed and currency being non-existent, and as such, they put a greater priority to justice and each earning their own.

Although the Jinkou are today very pacifistic and war-shunning, they were a largely military nation five hundred years ago during The Tainted War in which the entirety of the army was made up of warriors of the church. Although these holy warriors still exist, their roles are mainly symbolic, with Guardians serving as guards of holy places such as places of worship and great gardens. Some bands however, like the Shiroi Tsume, still serve in the army, mainly as special strike forces.