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Classification Reptilian
Lifespan 300+ Years
Height (average) 195cm (male) 190cm (female)
Weight (average) 170kg (male) 180kg (female)

The Kaveni race is currently the only race in the Kaveni Empire, they come from the world of Hoa. They are bipedal and humanoid, the female is slightly shorter but with the wider hips that are necessary for laying eggs they also weight slightly more. Kaveni also have the remains of a tail, while it has become shorter since it lost it's initial purpose the Kaveni still have a thick tail of 30 centimeters, this can be used to attack a lighter foe in a melee fight.

The transition of their head to the body is seamless, while this makes it harder to look around they have no weak spot in their neck. Their skin is made up of many hard scales, the are hard to penetrate with most hand weapons except of course the Sonia which is specifically designed for that purpose. But their natural armour is far from perfect, it offers no protection against any of the guns used in this age and they have weak spots on their abdomen; under their armpit and the backside of their legs.

The most common colors of the Kaveni scales are brown; dark red or dark green and the unscaled surface of their body is always in a slightly lighter tint of that color.