Kaveni Empire (K.E.E)

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Kaveni Empire (K.E.E)
Player wisekill1
Leaders Darya Mau
Species Kaveni
Inclination Twilight
Population 325 Million
Government Aristocracy
Religion Various
Currency Interstellar Credits
Primary Languages Yelwea
Home World Hoa
Core Planets Hoa, Azua
Organizational Alliance *To Be Determined*
Trade Agreements *To Be Determined*
Non-Aggression pacts United Systems Commonwealth

The Kaveni Empire is the name of the mix of hierarchical meritocracy and Democratic government that rules over the Kaveni people and her worlds. This galactic empire was founded in 2402 G.C on the planet Hoa in the Tawe system, however the planet Azua is the capital of the Empire.

The Kaveni Empire strives to be a peaceful and open society but changes are careful and slow as the military still holds the true power, progress is made however slowly to return the Kaveni Empire back to a true democracy.


Early History

Due to the fact that the Kaveni could not find any evolutionary evidence of themselves on Hoa and the fact that Anari bases have been found in the Tawe system it has been accepted in the scientific community that the Kaveni were part of the Geis Walker Project and moved from their homeworld to Hoa by the Anari. Evidence is found that the Anari placed large groups of Kaveni on a few hundred different places on the planet but the reason why is pure speculation.

From what scientists can see the Anari never modified the DNA of the Kaveni and after placing them on the planet they never interacted with them, they only had a few observation posts on other planets and asteroids. It's likely they only used these bases to keep an eye on their experiments.

After the Anari left the planet the Kaveni quickly developed a agricultural society, the people from these small farming villages quickly became clans who controlled large amounts of land. By the time that the city of Yama was founded the Kaveni had spread over the whole planet.

Founding of the Empire

Before the Kaveni Empire was formed the planet of Hoa had hundreds of sovereign states, they were divided into larger unions, coalitions and covenants. When scientist conformed that the Kaveni race could not survive on Hoa due to the sun reaching the final years of its life a large group of nations on the Chitra continent formed the Hoanian Union, near the end of the Heating wars the Union changed their name to The Kaveni Empire.

Heating Wars

Heating wars is the collective name for a series of wars fought in the last years of Hoa, The predecessor of the Kaveni Empire, the Hoanian Union launched four major Military campaigns in the 341 years long war and countless small ones. For a complete description please go to the Heating wars page.

Post Heating Wars

After the Heating wars ended in 2759 G.C all the tax money was pumped in space programs and ship construction. In 2797 G.C the first Frigate jumped to a nearby star system and back using Slipspace travel. And in 2802 G.C a exploration mission finally found the perfect planet for the Kaveni people to settle on, Azua. Large teams were send to the planet to map it catalog the local animals and prepare the planet and system for the millions of Kaveni that would soon flood into the system. By 2811 G.C the Kaveni government had changed the location of their headquarters, they now relied on their Quantum Entanglement Communication to lead their people, by this year high ranking people also started to move into their newly build estates on Azua.

Another five years later millions of eggs from kinetically diverse groups of Kaveni were send to Azua in cryogenic freezing. Also animals and plants were send from Hoa towards Azua with the hope that they'll adept to their new home and integrate with the native species.

By 2821 G.C living conditions on Hoa were deemed insufficient for intelligent life to continue to exist and the great evacuation started. As soon as the first wave of ships left the remaining people broke into riot. A few days later, when the transports came back to pick up the second group of refugees most boarding centers were flooded with desperate people, every wave it became worse and every wave more violent. During the fourth boarding wave a few groups of refugees boarded their rescuing ships took them for themselves. As they took off to start on their own and in search of a planet far away from the empire, often only with small groups of Kaveni on them they were shot down by other Kaveni ships.

After the fourth wave incidents everyone who didn't form in a orderly queue at the boarding centers was shot on site.

Massive amounts of spaceships were build during the time between the Heating wars and the evacuation of Hoa, however as most of them were simply meant to move around the millions of civilian Kaveni stuck on the planet so they weren't armed right after construction, the Kaveni Empire instead choose to make sure weapons could be attached after the evacuation of Hoa.


Post Contact


The Kaveni Empire is ruled by a council of 80 members. Because the Empire was founded during the violent times of the Heating wars 40 of the Councillors are from the Kaveni military. The other 40 Councillors are chosen democratically by the people of the Empire.

There are no political parties in the Kaveni Empire so the people have to do some research to find out who of the candidates agrees most with his own views, after that everyone casts their vote and the 40 most popular candidates become Councillor.

After that the Council will choose a High Councillor from among themselves, he becomes the head of state and is given power to veto the decisions of the rest of the council. This power however is rarely used and it's not uncommon for a High Councillor to resign after using it.


The Kaveni Empire has claimed a large amount of space on the north-east side of the galactic core, there are no neighbouring galactic empires. The home world of the Kaveni, named Hoa is no longer very important to the Empire but it's still part of their main territory and they still consider it a Core world. The other core world is the planet Azua most of the Kaveni population lives there now. The Empire has a dozen of minor colony worlds, and thirty mining worlds. Most of the claimed systems are uninhabited with only a few automated sensors that register what's going on the reason for this is the rogue planets in between them, they are planets without a sun and practically undetectable if you don't come across one by luck. They are used by the Kaveni Empire Air Force,, the pilots of fighters such as the KEF-Dagger fly their plane from the high security facilities located on these frozen worlds.