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Domain Ramadas
Classification Insectoid
Lifespan Maximum lifespan unknown; average Kekoti lives for circa 50 years before being killed
Height (average) 280cm (male) 200cm (female)
Weight (average) 450kg (male) 230kg (female)
"They are monsters. Ruthless, relentless, violent and cruel beyond words."

-Dr. William Hawke, Commonwealth xenobiologist.

The Kekoti are a large insectoid species native to the planet of Quarli. They are the only native species of the Oraka Dominion. The Kekoti are known for being very aggressive and extremely hostile towards every species in the known galaxy. Their culture is largely based on slavery, domination and war. The males are tall, heavily armoured and the most aggressive of the genders. They make up the entirety of the army, and their only role in the species is to kill and to fertilize eggs. The females are smaller, with much thinner shells, and are not nearly as aggressive or dangerous. Their role is to lay eggs and feed the young.

Kekoti are unlike other insect species in that they do not have queens, and the males are larger than the females. Neither do they work in any kind of hive mind, but all work individually towards their own goals. They also do not have mandibles, but have similar jaw structures like the ones of most species, and can therefore speak languages which most species can pronounce. They are also counted as the largest sentient species in the galaxy, normally reaching up to a height equal to the Jinkou, but appears to grow throughout their entire lives, with Qa'ran the Red being the oldest and largest at an age of 223 and a height of 6,5 metres. It is unknown how large a Kekoti can become, as their maximal lifespan is also unknown.