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Domain Unknown
Classification Mammal (Canine)
Lifespan 110+ Years
Height (average) 185cm (male) 170cm (female)
Weight (average) 92kg (male) 68kg (female)

The Kerackians are a humanoid race of sentients of a somewhat canine nature native to the dense jungle world of Keracka, and are one of the species conquered by the Crescanian Confederacy. Upon the Crescanian intigration of the galactic stage, the Kerackians quickly became renowned for their hot temper and their strong natural sense of independence, which has also made them a popular rebel archetype. The male is the dominant gender of the species. Similar to many sea creatures on many worlds, Kerackian blood contains copper rather than iron, and has a distinct dark blue colour.

Having evolved from an unforgiving world mainly covered in jungle, the Kerackians developed a natural immunity to most Kerackian diseases, as well as an ability to recover from wounds that surpasses even Human anatomy. Kerackians have even been known to sometimes regrow missing limbs, though this is rare and usually takes place over the course of one or several decades. Due to their great disease resistance and wound recovery ability, the Kerackian species thrived exceptionally well on their homeworld. They were, however, due to living in almost an almost exclusively jungle landscape, not capable of developing their technology at the same rate as most other species. As such, when the Croiz discovered Keracka in 2670G.C, the Kerackians living in the northern mountain landscapes were just entering their own bronze age, while the rest of the species living in enormous tribal clans that dotted the vast jungles.

Since the world of Keracka was shown to have enormous amounts of natural resources buried beneath the jungles, the Croiz invaded the world only a few months after making first contact with the native population. The Kerackians, who mostly had weapons and armour of wood and stone, and at best, of bronze, did not stand a chance against the Crescanian war machine, and the entire planet, with the exception of a few pockets of dense jungle which was of no interest to the Croiz, was under Crescanian control in less than 30 years.

The pacification of the native Kerackians, however, would prove to not be as easy as the Croiz expected. In fact, after centuries, it still has not happened. The Croiz did not expect the fierce independence which came natural to all Kerackians, and which made them all but immune to Crescanian propaganda. The Kerackians refused to cooperate, instead attempting to revolt time and time again, with the Croiz striking the Kerackians down harder with each attempt, which in turn resulted in the hatred between the two escalating further and further. The Kerackians only succeeded in revolting against their Croiz overlords in 2818GC, in what is now famously known as The Kerackian Rebellions, in which the Kerackians, using stolen and improvised weapons and armour, almost managed to overthrow the Crescanian forces on Keracka, as well as the nearby Crescanian colony Éberség, before being finally put down when the Crescanians dropped a hydrogen bomb on a Kerackian-occupied Crescanian city, killing millions of Kerackians, which made them finally surrender. The surrender was followed by a Crescanian retaliation in which millions of Kerackians were slaughtered by Crescanian soldiers and Salchissan mercenaries, and countless of Kerackian clans were wiped out.

Despite all this, the Kerackians have still not been broken; rather, their hatred of the Croiz and their willing servants, the Salchissans, has only increased. The Kerackians have become a people of hate, and would they get the chance, they would surely repay the Croiz and their allies for everything they have suffered through for the past centuries.