Kingdom of Nh'Koseni (K.O.N)

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Kingdom of Nh'Koseni (K.O.N)
Nh'Koseni flag.png
Player Tobbs
Leader Vido IX
Heir Aerilan Asim
Species Iko
Inclination Twilight
Population 15 billion
Religion Multi-religious, dominant religion is Setarne
Currency Kosen
Primary Languages Rehl
Home World Envire
Core Planets Envire, Berra, Nirth, Nala, Wicke
Alliances None yet
Trade Agreements None yet
The Kingdom of Nh'Koseni, or "Neyarani Nh'Koseni" in Rehl, is a galactic kingdom based from the planet of Envire in the Keya system. It is a highly religious absolute monarchy with a fully bloomed feudal aristocracy, formed up by nobility. It is inhabited by the Iko, and is considered by many to be very old-fashioned, especially considering the Iko's advanced technology and high intellect as a species. The kingdom is a very new arrival to the galactic stage, having only been space-faring for a few decades, and with only a few basic colonies placed out in deep space, even though their technology would have allowed them to take the first steps into space almost two centuries ago. The Iko have explained this to be due to "lack of interest in the deep, cold darkness of space".



The kingdom lies just southwest of the Kaveni Empire, in the Th'Ara Cluster. Due to their short time as a space-faring nation, the Kingdom of Nh'Koseni is perhaps the smallest nation in the galaxy in territory, with only four colonies fully established and six more under development. In spite of their small territory, however, the kingdom's military force allows them to class as a middle power in the galactic power scales.



The hierarchical order of Nh'Kosenian society has been shown to resemble that of truly ancient times, with the king, or "Neyar" in Rehl, being dressed in robes and ornaments that are clearly not in line with the rest of society, and being portrayed almost as if he were a god, similar to how the pharaos of ancient Egypt on Earth were portrayed, though not as much. Being king in the Kingdom of Nh'Koseni brings perks that many would argue does not belong in a modern, civilized society, such as the right to own harems, to which the king can legally command anyone to join, even though it is socially unacceptable.

Unlike most other galactic races, very few Iko cultures have any sort of bonding between individuals, and those that do exist are very temporal, similar to Croiz Bonding and in contrast to Human marriage. This is most likely due to Iko being more independent and solitary creatures, not having evolved in the pack societies similar to Humans, Croiz, Bryele and many other races. Real relationships are very much non-existant in Nh'Kosenian culture. The Iko instead tend to wander like eternal bachelors and bachelorettes, with romance rarely going further than having temporary lovers for the sake of breeding or simple pleasure. This has shaped their society into one that greatly benefits the solitary individual, with many opportunities for people seeking their fortune. As an unfortunate side effect, Nh'Koseni has among the highest amounts of organized crime in the galaxy.

The general Nh'Kosenian society is heavily influenced by its ancient times, as Iko have a pride over their past that almost goes to obsession levels. The kingdom's merging of new and old can be seen everywhere in its society - in architecture, in art, in music, and most of all in hierarchy, with the three social classes - middle class, church, and nobility - being very distinct and separate from each other. With the exception of the king, the church has the most power in the kingdom, as church and state is closely connected, even though they are officially separated, due to the great impact religion has on Nh'Kosenian society.

All kinds of art are greatly looked up to in the kingdom, be it painting, poetry, or music. It is said that where military or commerce dominate most other galactic societies, the Kingdom of Nh'Koseni is dominated by culture, as both art and history is deemed priceless in the kingdom. When it comes to painting, no art is more popular than calm, abstract art. The Iko are well-known for their incredible abstract paintings.

The military also takes up a significant part of Nh'Kosenian society, though Iko generally have no desire for war unless in the goal to protect their kingdom and their culture, especially their religion.





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