Kurgan Empire (K.E)

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Kurgan Empire (K.E)
Player SirEmilCrane
Leaders Alexander Petrov
Species Human
Inclination Darkness
Population 30 Billion
Government Military Dictatorship
Religion Atheist
Currency Kurgan Ruble
Primary Languages Russian
Home World Kurgan
Core Planets Kurgan, Chelyabinsk
Organizational Alliance Human Defence Coalition
Trade Agreements ---


The Kurgan Empire began life as the Union of Kurgan Socialist Planets, a breakaway faction from Earth. By the modern era, they were under the control of Premier Vassily Zhukov, an Alpha Level Telepath, with the ability to passively affect the minds of entire nations. The nation of Kurgan was built with a strong focus on the military and heavy industry. After a series of wars, the Union was toppled by a military coup that established the Empire, with Marshal Alexander Petrov as the new leader.

The Alien Wars

The formative experience in Kurgan history since the exodus has been the Alien wars, a series of wars fought against two separate alien forces. It began with the alien species, the Vidar, themselves a young, expansionist empire, invading the planet Kurgan. Within months the Vidar had established a foothold and began to push hard for the capital. For years the Kurgan battled them, giving their lives for every inch of ground. Slowly, after consecutive Kurgan winters, the Vidar began to lose ground. A series of key battles were won that pushed the Vidar off world. But Kurgan wasn't finished. Assembling a Navy, the Kurgan military, under the brilliant general Pyotr Bagration, launched Operation Hammer, a massive naval assault upon the Vidar homeworld.

Operation Hammer began with one of the largest naval battles in the galaxy, the naval battle of Vidarthari. The Vidar navy med the Kurgan navy in a series of brutal engagements. Eventually, after much loss of life, the Kurgan Navy was victorious. The land operations began, and after three years of hard fighting the Vidar were toppled, their other worlds taken.

The second Alien War was far more deadly than the Vidar War. This was the Shadow War. The Shadow War began with the emergence of the Shadows, a hyper advanced alien race that was set on eradicating all alien life. Initially they fell upon the Kurgan world of Murmansk, completely overrunning it. Soon they struck Petrograd and Karelia. A task force of the newly formed Human Defence Coalition took back the worlds, and drove off a large Shadow attack on Kurgan.

In time, the united races of the galaxy attacked the Shadow's base of operations in the Milky Way. After a gigantic space battle, which claimed the life of Vassily Zhukov, the Shadows were seemingly defeated.

The Coup

After the Shadow War, there was a power struggle between Yuri Kollori, head of the Party, and Alexander Petrov, head of the military. Military units quickly seized Kurgan and moved on the Party world of Chelyabinsk. After a lengthy siege, and with the help of Coalition Forces, the Party was defeated and the Empire proclaimed. Yuri Kollori is still at large at present.


The Empire consists of the core worlds, Kurgan and Chelyabinsk, the inner colonies, Karelia, Murmansk and Petrograd and the outer colonies, Minsk, Sevastopol, Vladivostok, Novgorod, and Muscovy. Kurgan is a frozen world, with the majority of life underground, while Chelyabinsk is a temperate world with large cities. The other worlds are all various stages of temperate, except Minsk, which is desert and Petrograd, another arctic world.


Kurgan is a military dictatorship. Petrov, the supreme ruler is advised by two council, a military council and a civilian council. The Generals advise in matters of war, still the main focus of the Kurgan Empire. The Civilian council is duly elected in elections every four years. Party politics are banned, ministers reach a consensus and pass it onto the office of the Marshal for review, final veto rests with the Marshal himself.


Kurgan has been forcibly made a free market state, but many elements of a socialist economy still exist, including a central planning committee and heavy government subsidies finance many industries.