Laser Weaponry

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Laser Weapons

Weapons that use intense light photons to heat something to a point of melting, incineration, combustion and possibly explosion depending. These weapons take many forms and many Empires have these weapons to some degree, and they can be either infantry, vehicle, or ship based weapons.

Kaveni Empire Laser Weapons

The laser is the main weapon in the Kaveni Empire the first blueprints of this weapon were stolen from the Tranea nation during the Heating wars. The Kaveni empire perfected the design and used it against the Tranea later in the war.

Small arms

Laser Cannons

Laser based artillery is used all around the Kaveni military, either dug into defensive positions or placed in highly moveable tanks all laser cannons have a few things in common.

- They need a straight line of sight, this is because the laser beam is shot our straight of the cannon and keeps going straight until it hits something or the beam is runs our of energy because it heats all particles it hits, such as dust or water vapor.

- They must be connected to a power source, this can be the engine of the tank it's in or it can be a generator placed deeper into the bunker. withour a power source most laser cannons can only fire a few shots before the on board power batteries run out.

Ship based Weapons

New Covenant Laser Weapons

The New Covenant has access to the most wide spread and powerful laser based weaponry of any empire, having no rival in this field. This mostly has to do with a cost effective design capable of mass production and distribution among infantry. These Lasers fire an intense pulse of focused light, and the High amount of Photons fixed on a single point causes the surface hit by a shot to combustion into plasma, as the matter is transferred to this state by the Laser. This give this Energy weapon some kick on the receiving as the resulting explosions show a force one would never expect coming from a light based weapon.

Lasers have improved drastically during their separation from the other empires, while having a lower amount of ammunition they still retain all the qualities of New Covenant weapons, being very serviceable weapons in the field. However the damage output improvements have meant that they fire less shots before reloading, but the damage output makes up for it. Th reason for this improvement is the new C.S.P.R.S., which stands for Complete Spectrum Photonic Resonance System, which aesthetically makes the Lasers appear white when fired. This however also comes with an increased damage and penetration value for both flesh and armor.

Lasers may also be equipped with W.E.T. Systems, Weaponized Electromagnetic Transmission, which is a mod that broadcast an EM pulse along the Laser shot which increases the weapons effectiveness against shielded targets. While this is an optional mod on smaller man portable weapons, it is a system that has been fully integrated into Vehicle and Ship grade weapons where the power requirements are negligible.

Laser Rifle and Pistols

New Covenant Guardsmen have Laser Rifles and Laser Pistols as standard issue weapons, these weapons use rechargeable packs that can be recharged by heat and light over time, though charging them with another power source such as a generator is always faster, but this does severely improve their efficiency and making them less cumbersome by not needing power packs that other Empire would need to use to achieve this. Higher end more powerful Lasers use Over-Charged power packs that provides them with more power, but these weapons are more expensive and usually fielded by Special ops Troops in limited numbers. Even the Crusaders now have a standardized Laser Weapon, called the Javelin, it is the Laser Counter part to the Lance Assault Rifle.

CSPR-LR x95 - The Standard Rifle of the Guardsmen. It delivers a lethal punch of high intensity Laser beams to the target, in a semi-automatic fashion for higher accuracy. It is capable of penetration of standard infantry grade armors, and is capable of taking down heavy troops easily through concentrated fire from many guns. Numbers is their most Lethal quality. This weapon has a Pistol Counter part

CSPR-LR OVR/X99 - This laser Rifle is both Semi and fully automatic, and boasts a higher penetration value. It uses Over-Charged packs that power the weapons higher energy requirements. It is far more efficient at dealing with better armored troops, capable of going through Crusader grade armor with enough Precise hits. This Weapon is has a pistol counterpart.

Javelin Laser Rifle

Javelin - The Javelin is a Semi-Automatic Laser Carbine, that is used solely by Crusader forces. It is an incredibly expensive firearm and boasts the Highest damage output per shot of any rifle grade laser weapon. It is capable of easily going through power armor, with a few shots, and breaking shielding as well. It is a weapon preferred by marksmen, who would rather use this over the Lance Assault Rifle. Like the Lance, this weapon has the capability of damaging light vehicles. This weapon has no pistol counterpart. Common attachments for this weapon are usually scopes, to make use of this weapon as a mid range sniper weapon.

The last 500 years have allowed for vast improvements in these weapons, former Military Grade weapons have degraded to Civilian and Militia grade weapons.

Laser Cannons

The next step up in New Covenant laser weapons, these weapons are usually vehicle mounted and are specifically used for anti-armor purposes. Such weapons are capable of punching a hole right through a Crusader if given the chance, due to the amount of power they out put in a single shot. These weapons can be Twin-Linked on vehicles, to provide more anti-armor power. Laser Cannons also have Hand held Heavy Weapon versions that are usually shoulder mounted, but can be held depending on the Model. These are also used in emplacements and can be manned by a heavy weapons team, mounting it on a tripod. These infantry versions use single use battery packs as the amount of power needed to fire it uses an entire charge, though they can be attached to a generator to power them. On vehicles they are always connected to a generator.


Another Laser weapon, these weapons are mounted on vehicles, usually light vehicles and light walkers. These weapons are powered by the vehicles generator and are rapid fire lasers meant for killing infantry and suppressive fire. This weapon is most typically mounted on light troop transports for New Covenant Guardsmen.

Larger Laser Cannons

Anything larger than the standard Laser cannon, these next step up laser are extremely power super heavy weapons, usually only mounted on super heavy vehicles, or ships. The Volcano Cannon is the Largest Vehicle mountable weapon, it is essentially a defense laser meant for shooting down small Space Vessels, when not used in an emplacement it can be mounted on the extremely large super tank the Greatsword Battle Tank, which takes the form of a variant that is dedicated solely to mounting a single Volcano cannon which it used for finishing off other super heavy vehicles, though on such a small vehicle for the cannons power, it suffers in its firing rate which is slow meaning the tank takes the role as a sniper with this weapon mounted. The Volcano Cannon is also used on small Ships and as minor defense lasers on Large ships.

Larger more powerful Versions take the form of Laser Lances, which can be mounted on most space vessels limited to one on the Frigates, and multiple on Large Vessels such as Battleships. They take the form of turrets mostly though on small vessels they are forward mounted. Due to the power needed to fire this lasers, they usually draw directly from a ships main Reactors, and if a ship has many, they usually must lower their engine output to give more power to the laser if they intend to fire them long range, though can be fired short range using less power and still being able to destroy other vessels foolish enough to get close, punching through even the heaviest armor of even the largest Warships, and cutting escort sized ships in two in a single shot.