Loritos Carutino

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Loritos Carutino
Allegiance Crescanian Confederacy (C.C)
Race Croiz
Gender Male
Born 2815G.C
Died 2863G.C (48)
Profession Admiral (2842G.C-2863)

Loritos was the Crescanian admiral who led the fleet that initially made first contact with the Kingdom of Edolas. He sealed the Crescanian-Edolasian alliance by using Oblivion to clash with Sky King Ragez's own Keyblade, in accordance to Edolasian tradition. Loritos was however immediately obsessed with Oblivion, as his mind was too weak to resist the temptation of the blade's power. Instead of taking Oblivion to the Gu'ush as he was instructed, he instead attempted to flee with it himself and not even inform the Gu'ush of the blade's existence. This was made clear when the Sky King visited Cusorea for the first time to meet the Gu'ush, and the Gu'ush told him he had not heard of any blade. Having made himself guilty of treason in accordance to Crescanian law, Loritos was arrested by Crescanian military before he could take a ship off-world, and he was brought in front of the Gu'ush himself. It seemed, however, that Oblivion had already corrupted the admiral's mind and reduced him to a growling beast. Upon being stripped of his rank and sentenced to death, Loritos lunged towards the Gu'ush in rage, but was immediately shot and killed by a sniper.