Nemesis Hover Tank

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Nemesis Hover Tank
Nemesis Tank.png

An Advanced Autonomous Hover tank of the Grimm Legion, it fills multiple roles as a tank. It is possibly one of the lightest main battle tanks in the galaxy, but it is still quite advanced as lack of a crew allows for a denser tank so it is more armored than a true light tank, but not as heavy or durable as other tanks due to using speed instead.


The Armor is fairly dense for a tank its size and mostly uses Titanium Steel compounds as well as advanced synthetic metals whose design was borrowed from conquered Xenos, lending to the Tanks almost alien design.

Its rounded and angled armor helps it bounce rounds and disperse energy weapons that are not stopped or redirected by its magnetic shielding, which if it cannot redirect a projectile around it then it slows down the velocity of the round hopefully to a point where the armor can take the shot and rely on angling to deflect rounds.


  • Twin Focused Plasma Cannons
The Twin Cannons of the Turret take the weapon design technology of New Covenant Plasma and combine it with their own designs for maximum efficiency. It does not fire the "Miniature Suns", as they have been nicknamed soldiers, like New Covenant Plasma Cannons, it instead focuses these into high speed beams that are exceedingly accurate and with alternating fire between the two cannons allows for a decent rate of fire making this tank good with harassment. This Weapon is a jack of all trades, being anti-air, anti-tank, anti-infantry all at some degree. Its damage is not extremely high but with continual shots, most thing can only take few shots and infantry are usually instantly killed, including Crusaders who can be sheared in half by the beam, shielded units have a better chance of survival as long as it is not a direct hit.
  • Twin Forward Mounted Shrapnel Blasters
These reside in a forward locked position on the inside of the hovering section of the tank. These weapons use coil acceleration to fire metallic shrapnel in a shotgun like fashion, meant for close quarters, for shooting at troops that get near it. It is quite devastating against infantry but useless against vehicles, and its wide spread guarantees a wide cone of attack.


It is usually deployed in groups typically to make up for its individual lack of power with speed, and so they can form raiding squads where they make quick strikes against key targets.
Besides tank and vehicle hunting they can be used as anti infantry with there decent rate of fire and high accuracy they can suppress target and hit anything not behind decent cover. The Tank it self can raise its middle section to look and shoot over walls and cover.
Due to its ability to raise its turret it can also be used as an Anti-Aircraft platform with its good accuracy and rate of fire letting it hit aerial units.