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The New Covenant Navy is the Largest Navy in the Galaxy, having no equal militarily or otherwise in any of the individual. It would take other Empires combining their Navy's to be able to have a similar size. This however is due to the fact nearly all of the New Covenant is space bound, besides two planets, which house only a small portion of the entire population.

The military however focuses on defense of the Fleets themselves, which is also a factor in its size, however this does not mean the full might of Navy can be brought down upon any empire entirely, as it is not tactically sound or feasible as it leaves the populace far too vulnerable. This is the major Draw back, but a large force can still be formed to fight, and typically in resource gathering, civilian presence means massive military presence, allowing for overwhelming force to be applied as the civilians gather needed materials. This is however typically used against Xenos who already occupy a planet unfortunate enough to be considered for harvesting for resources.

With such a large Navy though as come diversity allowing for several unique types of Ships to sprout up among these organizational differences.

Naval Sections

The Navies can be distinctly divided into four Separate types. The New Covenant Navy, the Civilian Flotillas, The Technologis Fleets, and the Church Fleets.

New Covenant Navy

The military Branch of the Empire, being fully space bound for the most part has become entirely apart of the Navy, while the Ground forces do retain organizational differences from the Navy, they rely completely on the fleets for deployment where they are needed. The Navy has grown far larger in response to the need for the defense of the civilian populace. They retain much the same ship types that the New Covenant is known for, but of course have advanced in technology in the time they have had and due to the 500 year Caesar war. While always have been known for their firepower and ability to deny the enemy, they have become even more defense oriented due to the need to protect the mobile populace.

Overall the ships of this sect are unchanged, besides updates to the tech they ave and improvements in armor techniques for better use of resources. They are heavily armed and Armored, and generally slower at larger sizes. This is less notable on smaller ship types, but comparatively they are still tougher than other ships, and generally have more firepower comparatively.

Civilian Flotillas

These Flotillas are organized as Cities, each Flotilla being designated by its City name. These fleets and flotillas consist of multiple types of ships, and the civilian portions of them are usually older ships that are heavily modified for civilian use, while their are newer ships as well constructed for the sole use by civilians for habitation and support. The largest ships, called city ships, can comfortably house around one million in inhabitants, and sometimes several of these are the center of a fleet, while their are smaller ones that house in the thousands and less. Other cities may be smaller and the population being more spread out among its ships, these tend to consist of traders and exploration fleets.

The city fleets, while usually being defended by the Navy at all times, also have their own militia, typically consisting of Frigates and Destroyers, usually of old but reliable ships, occasionally their might be light Cruisers available to the militia as well. No expense is paid to defend these fleets and so every ship has weapons of some sort, though typically they are not meant for offense at all and simply meant to repel attackers so escape can be made. The large city ships, Agriculture ships, and Forge ships, which are already tended by the Technologis, will usually have very good defensive weapons capable of wrecking Frigates, Destroyers, and even light Cruisers that get too close, to defend against Heavier ships. These large ships usually have a Single Laser Lance at their disposal as well, Military Grade, so that they can fire on bigger ships such as capitols and dreadnaughts and reliably damage them, if not outright cripple or destroy them if for any reason the enemy ship is unshielded.

The Characteristics of this fleet is of course civilian use and typically is of Civilian grade, but much is invested into their defense for larger ships, and typically these fleets are capable of a quick getaway.

Technologis Fleets

The Technologis is a sect of the Church that deals in advanced, ancient and also experimental technologies. Due to this fact, their ships are among the most advanced in standard technologies, standard meaning non-Warp tech. These fleets consist of just about every ship type the Military has available, as well as massive Civilian ships known as Forge Ships which are essentially Mobile Factories capable of mass fabrication of whatever is needed. Most notable however is the Technologis also supplies the ability to perform in combat repairs to damaged ships, as the fleets of the Technologis usually have a high amount of Repair Frigates as well as repair Drones that are usually commanded by a Frigate. This makes them invaluable to the Military, not only for the firepower they add but the ability to keep the ships in working order even after taking severe damage.

The Technologis fleets typically resemble military fleets, and have many of that same armaments and armor, however each Technologis ship usually has one unique feature that makes one of its characteristics superior to other ships of the same class. These unique things could mean highly advanced self repair, experimental weapons with better damage potential, better shielding systems, advanced communications arrays, and many other strange and sometimes ancient technologies.

Typically the design of these ships are older, and in many ways better. One can identify Technologis ships from their design, which they usually have symbolism on their hulls, typically Cogs With a Cross or Skull with a Cog surrounding it.

Church Fleets

The Church Fleet is the Successor to the White Fleet of long ago. It is larger and makes up a Majority of the Organization that is the Church. This fleet excels in Warp based technologies, in fact theses ships surpass all other New Covenant Craft in terms of their Warp tech. The designs of the Ships are almost alien, and artistic in form, using smooth curves and rings surrounding a central Warp Crystal. The hulls of the ships are white, and Christian Symbolism adorns them, in unique ways. The designs were Developed by one Theodore Augustine who said he was inspired by the Memoirs his Grand Father wrote, one Leonard Augustine, that inspired the Architecture of these ships.

The Warp tech present in these ships lets them take up supporting roles, as they came from the non-lethal policies of the white fleet. The Largest ships are capable of boosting the void shields of nearby ships, and recharging downed shields, or adding a layer of Void Shields to ships that do not have them. Other smaller frigates, and Cruisers can add Warp Damage to other ships weapons, they can also build Warp Web gates as well for precision jumping and reinforcements. These ships do not lack offensive capabilities, they just are non-lethal measures, and use the warp to affect the minds of enemy ship, these are meant to disable enemy ships, for capture or just simply to disable instead of destroy, the Most powerful of the weapons being labeled "Insanity Cannons" by the military for the horrendous damage they do to the minds of enemy crews. They also make use of EMP weapons to disable the ship and ensure if the crew recovers that they will be unable to fight.

Overall these ships can be defined by their Beautiful if some what alien appearance, they are quite fragile but defense wise have the most powerful Void Shielding of any ship. They are typically far faster than their military counter parts, allowing them to escape easily or run to the support of other ships. Their mere presence usually bring hope to the New Covenant forces.

Ship Organizations

The Navy, and other ship organizations have their own ways of Organizing their ships. Each has their own way to organize groups of ships, and these differ from each other depending on which Organizations ships are used.

Naval Groups

The Navy has its own Organizations for different types of Ship groupings, in Battlegroups, Fleets, Flotillas, Recon Groups, Bomber Squadrons, and Fighter Squadrons.


The Largest Type of Fleet, and the most Diverse when it comes to Numbers, a Battle Fleet can have Several Thousand Ships, and Primarily will have Multiple BattleShips as the Command Vessels of the Fleet. The Battle Fleet being as Large as it is makes it the most Diverse, and so usually covers every possible ship type for every combat Role. Many of the Larger Civilian Fleets have their own BattleGroup as a Defensive Fleet, usually because the high presence of Civilians that need Protection. These Large Fleets are also only assembled as an offensive Force in massive Operations of the utmost importance. Typically when these are deployed, victory is the only outcome. The terminology 'BattleGroup' is used due to the fact these massive ship 'Groups' are typically grouped with a Larger City Fleet, as these groups are typically a defense fleet for large civilian inhabited fleets. Use of the groups offensively is rare.


Fleets cover a variety of roles, and is a catch all term for large numbers of Ships, these fleets can number several Hundred Ships to around a thousand at their Largest.

  • War Fleet
This Fleet can number from several Hundred to around a thousand, and Typically can have a Few Battleships if its a larger Fleet, smaller fleets may only have one Battleship. These Fleets can specialize as well, and are typical in large Wars.
  • Exterminatus Fleet
These fleets are smaller in number, number in several Hundred ships, however these fleets have a Large number of Battleship and BattleCruiser class ships, Older Ironclad Battleships that have been converted for Planetary Destruction scale Weapons, and a good number of Escorts. This fleet has one purpose, destroying a world. These fleets are very powerful, and used when retaking a world by Land is Impossible and leaving it in enemy Hands is not an Option. When this Fleet shows up, usually mean that the Battle in Space is ended, and the Ground battle is about to end permanently. These fleets will use whatever means they have to condemn a world, and usually have weapons meant for specific cases, depending on the best way to ensure everything on the planet of importance and that is alive is killed.
  • Reclamation Fleet
A Reclamation Fleet is a War capable fleet purposed for a fast assault on an occupied world. This Fleet usually numbers around 500 vessels, though more or less may be added depending on needs. It is called a Reclamation fleet as it is intended to reclaim a world that is considered New Covenant Property, which usually comes down to worlds with rare Archeotech that has been lost to time. These fleet usually have the least amount of Battleships if any at all. Usually the Command ships are Either Older Grand Cruisers, or BattleCruisers.


New Covenant Flotillas are smaller than Fleets, a Flotilla can number anywhere from 50 ships to 300 at their Largest. These are typically employed most often in war as their lower numbers means less of a loss can occur against equal numbered foes. This grouping is most often used in the small scale Wars that the New Covenant is consistently in with small Xenos Empires, or Cultist groups. Small scale though is a relative term, and to other societies it may seem the New Covenant is in a continual war with everything around it, but the New Covenant seems to thrive in this.

  • Grand Flotilla
This flotilla is usually larger around 200 to 300 ships, of various sizes, and may or may not have a singular BattleShip as its Capital Ship. This flotilla is often employed against Xenos with more formidable Ships and fleet sizes, where the New Covenant employ their wearing down tactics, using extended Decisive Conflicts that force enemies to lay down all their cards which they then make short work of, or employ a larger force i what has been deployed is not enough.
  • Assault Flotilla
A Flotilla with a swift decisive doctrine, using BattleCruisers instead of actual Battleships, and various other cruisers and smaller ships. Numbering around 100 ships this Flotilla is also capable of planetary assault, for deploying ground troops. This is typically deployed after an enemy fleet is weakened, but still a possible threat, and so they are capable of taking a dealing punishment while contributing to Air Superiority and ground superiority in ground engagements.
  • Micro Flotilla
The smallest grouping, that never has BattleShip class ships in it or even BattleCruisers, these are typically formed to fight smaller space forces and as reinforcements to Larger Naval forces. These number around 50 or less.

Recon Groups

Recon Groups are among the smallest ship groupings, numbering around 10 or less vessels, the different types of Recon Groups are more based on what ships they are composed of.

  • Deep Space Recon and Patrol
These Groups are small, but have powerful ship, Usually having a Single Battleship of the Magister de nullo Class, meaning Master of None, this is a Jack of all Trades Battleship that can carry fighters and Bombers in Hangars as well as have a good amount of Broadside Weapon Batteries. They are usually escorted by two Cruisers that each have their own Escorts, though the amount of Escorts differ. This type of Recon Group is known for its combat ability, as the Battleships ability to perform multiple Roles lets it make up for lack of numbers, allowing these groups to more easily Engage in combat on short notice if during Recon or Patrols they encounter a Hostile Force.
  • Forward Recon
Forward groups are usually small groups of Frigates or Destroyers, usually 5 or less, and they form a light support group for each other. They are used in keeping tabs on the 'Borders' of other Empires, typically those considered unfriendly or hostile. They monitor activity, and are a proactive group, making sure to monitor enemy movements. They usually keep separated and are always in constant contact should any one of them individually be taken out. The ships are usually modified heavily for stealth, and never enter enemy systems entirely, and may usually scout through systems near enemy border systems, using them as a forward base, as they jump to the edges of enemy controlled systems. They may usually have a Church frigate with them to construct a Warp Gate in these forward base systems, to ensure that the New Covenant can rapidly respond to enemy action.
  • Scouting Group
Scouting groups are the smallest, usually consisting of one to two vessels. They scout unexplored systems and find out if their is anything useful about them, or if they are safe enough for civilians to travel to, once this is confirmed, exploration groups may do more in depth studies.

Bombers/Fighter Squadrons

Bombers and Fighters go hand in hand, and the New Covenant Navy has a large amount of skilled fighter and bomber pilots, that make use of the New Covenant's potent naval technology and weapons.

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