New Israel

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New Israel
New Israel.jpg
Planet Type Terrestrial
Allegiance The New Covenant (T.N.C)

A Beautiful Earth like Planet, with bountiful resources, though its main value is in a cultural and religious aspect. It is the Home World of the New Covenant and the center of the Governments power, and Religious power. It is covered in vast cities, with its largest city being the size of a country, New Jerusalem, called the Golden City by anyone who has gone there.

Production is highest in orbit, where ships are built in orbital stations, and assembled in the Zero Gravity environment of space. Production on the planet, is mostly civilian, though their are installations dedicated to military supplies productions.

As a planet, it has more land mass than ocean, and its oceans have relatively low salt levels as compared to Earth's. It is a beauty to behold, but its natural beauty is few as compared to the civilian sectors that cover much of the planet.

Due to its symbolic nature, this planet is heavily defended, and able to weather any assault for extended times, it is predicted that a ground war would take over a century to successfully conquer the planet, assuming the New Covenant Navy did not already decimate the Enemies' fleets.


The Planet's original name was Gomorrah, and was settled nearly Ten Thousand years ago Warp time, but 4 thousand years ago Galactic time as compared to Earth's time line.

It was an Atheist Technocracy in those days, and was in many ways similar to the society in the Book by Aldous Huxley, Brave New World. Its was highly suppressive of its people, who had effectively been brain washed during the cryogenic Travel from Earth. The upper Echelon of Scientific minds experimented in creating the "Perfect" society, it eventually led to a Revolt after rediscovery of a Bible that had not been destroyed, The Revolt led to the creation of the New Covenant, who at first attempted peaceable revolution, that quickly turned to violence when they were unsuccessful.

The Planet was cleansed of its sins and renamed New Israel, where it evolved into the glorious Cultural powerhouse it is today.

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