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Orsicar centurion.jpg
Leader Orsicar Queen
Origins Unknown
Territory Likely hundreds of thousands of worlds, though exact numbers unknown
Type Cyborgs
Age Unknown, but believed to be millenia
Species Countless
Population Unknown
"We have watched your kind since before you left your world to conquer the stars. We watched you before you knew the concept of electricity, before gasoline, before steam. We watched you before you discovered gunpowder. We watched as the last city of your Byzantine Empire fell, we watched when the city of Rome rose from being a village on a hill, to a mighty empire laying all beneath her feet, only to then crumble to dust. We watched as the slaves of the Pharao laid the first stone of many to build the first pyramid. We have watched you longer than you can imagine. How do you expect to oppose those who know more about you than you do yourself?"

The Orsicar is the collective name of a large number of intelligent species joined together under a mysterious ruler only known as "The Queen", of whom there are no recordings or even proof of existence, but to whom all Orsicar are fanatically obedient and would even destroy themselves if ordered to by their queen. It is unknown who or what this queen is, where she came from or how old she is, but considering that all Orsicar would insist that they have the same queen as they did from the beginning, and considering she apparently knows ancient history of races whom have forgotten that history themselves, it is clear that the queen is an ancient being, possibly hundreds of thousands of years old, and thus the Orsicar empire is likely just as old.

When one look upon an Orsicar, one might easily mistake them from a robot, as no skin or flesh is ever visible on an Orsicar, as only their internal organs, spine, skull, rib cage, brain and eyes are left, with everything else, including the blood, having been replaced with cybernetics, driven by electricity and a strange, light blue liquid running through synthetic veins. It is currently unknown why this is done rather than just build robots instead, but it is known that the Orsicar have been doing this for countless millenia, conquering hundreds of species and converting them to kindred cyborgs. It seems there is no society as others would think of it among the Orsicar, as all who are turned into Orsicar are either turned into soldiers or diplomats. It seems the empire's only goal is to obey the queen and create more Orsicar. No individual Orsicar seems to have any sort of emotion or free will, instead thinking purely in mathematics and logic, and blindly obeying the queen.

All Orsicar have been noted to be able to speak fluently in every language of every known galactic empire, most likely due to millenia of study and seamless sharing of information between individuals. When speaking to each other however, Orsicar are able to exchange information hundreds of times quicker than other races due to their robotic properties, and seem to speak in some kind of binary language that only gives an incoherent synthetic stuttering, beeping and growling to other races. These sounds have been noticed to cut into static before silencing upon the death of an individual.

Although the Orsicar have been labeled as a galactic threat, they are unique from other forces whom have been given similar labels in that they never choose war as a first resort. At first they will make contact with new empires in a warm and friendly manner, and attempt to convince them to peacefully join the empire and be turned into cyborgs. If the new empire in question refuses, however, the Orsicar typically launch a surprise attack in order to quickly defeat and conquer them. No one is certain why the Orsicar at first offer peaceful integration, though it has been theorized that it is in order to not lose any soldiers or potential future soldiers in the fighting, and thus gain the maximal added strength.

There are many kinds of Orsicar, with the currently known haven been given individual names by the empires of the known galaxy. The currently known Orsicar types are The Queen, Emissaries, Regulars, Peltasts, Centurions and Brutes.