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Planet Type Desert
Allegiance Unanian Empire
Founded 2840G.C
Population 100 Thousand
Racial Percentile 20% Human
79% Fe'Juk
1% Ventus
0% Saxcanae
Capital City [[]]
Major Cities [[]]

Plade is a relatively new Colony sitting on the far outer reaches of the Unanian Empire. Due to the mixture of being as new as it is while sitting on the far outer reaches of Unanian Space, Plade is known as a haven for criminal activity within the Empire.

While the Unanian Empire is known for its unique stance to governance and sentient-rights, Plade sits as a bystander along with several other colonies which sit along the far outer reaches of space as a hot bed of criminal activity, this leading to a large bandit insurrection which has proved to be a hindrance to the Unanian Government in establishing proper governance in the region. Because of this, it is normal for citizens to fall in between the cracks of the law to survive.

Within the Unanian Empire, Plade is known to have the highest Orphan to Children to Populace ratio, sitting at 60%, something which the Unanian Government has been trying to solve with increased funding to local orphanages and increased work on improving the connection to the Galactic Network on Plade.


Due to Plades unique circumstances, it sits as a hotbed of criminal and insurrection activity. which has caused several problems to the people of Plade. The insurrection is known for kidnapping, killing and selling individuals off to slavery who don't agree with their ideologies. Stealing AI's to sell of to other organizations and civilizations, hoarding food and water and using their power to influence politics.

Ever since its conception, the Unanian Empire has been trying to rid the planet of Insurrection, and while in recent years it has made headways, there is still plenty to go.