Qa'ran the Red

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Qa'ran the Red
Allegiance The Oraka Dominion (Clan Lopa)
Race Kekoti
Gender Male
Born 2643G.C (223)
Profession High Chief of the Oraka Dominion
Qa'ran the Red is a Kekoti hailing from the planet of Quarli. He is the current High Chief of The Oraka Dominion, and also the oldest Kekoti ever recorded, being approximately 223 years old where Kekoti normally only live until their fifties. As Kekoti also apparently grow throughout their entire lives, Qa'ran is known to have grown into an enormous size, reaching 6,5 metres in height, stretching high above his still large subjects. It is speculated that Qa'ran has managed to live that long because he managed to survive to the point where he became too big for any other Kekoti to defeat him in hand-to-hand combat, which is required for anyone who wishes to take his place as High Chief.

Qa'ran stands out from the rest of his species in several ways. The most obvious is his gigantic size granted to him through age, but he can also be easily spotted through the crimson red shell that gave him his nickname. Where Kekoti shells normally range between bright yellow and dark orange, Qa'ran was born with a pigment disease which made his shell turn blood red (Human blood; Kekoti blood is dark purple). He is also obviously much stronger physically than other of his kin, but he seems to be more intelligent as well. He is also even more aggressive, which together with his intelligence would explain his success in rising to the top of the Kratocracy. His position is only further cemented by a massive amount of prestige granted to him, not only by his actions and the battles he's fought, but also by having hundreds of trophies from animals and sentient species alike, which he have gathered over the centuries. Some Kekoti have recently come to call Qa'ran "Qa'ran the Eternal"; a nickname he seems to gladly embrace.