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The Ravager is a unique vehicle, as a small tripod walker with a singular use as a light vehicle hunter, and infantry harassment. Its unique design defies normal combat doctrine as we know it leaving it to speculation on whether the Legion designed it or borrowed the idea form some alien species. It is however a very common automaton in the fields of battle and may either travel solo, or in groups.


This autonomous vehicle has no armor what-so-ever, as it is extremely light. It instead has a hardened stasis field encapsulating its important components, including its power source and computing processor core.

The field is quite hardy for a shield of its scale, but only makes the vehicle equivalent to a lightly armored vehicle in terms of protection, its best protection is surprise and being unexpected.


The Ravager is very unconventional in some of its weapons as in its whole it is a weapon. Being a Mobile Weapon makes its possible uses limited by Imagination, and in this way makes it unpredictable as it is capable of adapting to situations.

  • Tendrils
As a tripod walker with fully maneuverable tendrils for walking, these are multifunction as both a form of movement and as a melee weapon. The ends of the tendrils are power weapons, like those of the New Covenant, and can be used to bash, toss, whip, or spear enemy troops and other vehicles.
  • Disruptor Stasis Field
The Stasis field protecting the core of the Walker is also a weapon, as with momentum and speed it can be used to bash into enemy troops, bowling through them causing burns and kinetic damage, such as broken bones and ruptured organs. The Field can absorb damage indefinitely, but with enough stress the walker's core essential fails and explodes, so its defense is also its offense. The Field however is not effective against heavier vehicles and is generally best used against infantry.
  • Nano-Devourer ball
The Devourer ball is a magnetically manipulated ball of destructive nanites, specifically designed for tearing through armor, and can be used to bypass shields through lower velocities. The Ball has a long range and can be used to snipe enemy vehicles and harass them as getting rid of the ball can only be accomplished through destruction of its source. Once it latches on to a vehicle in constantly damages it, digging into the vehicles structure until it breaks something vital, and once a vehicle is destroyed it is recalled. The Walker cannot go into rolling mode while using the ball and must use it legs for movement.


The Ravagers usually form packs for most of their tactics but may also go solo as well, Using as much stealth as powerful to spring themselves on unsuspecting squadrons or lone vehicles.

As a pack they use their strength advantage to slaughter enemies, using their walker legs as melee weapons. They are good at inspiring fear in their enemies, and may use fear tactics before an attack to make their enemy less prepared. These groups are usually pairs of two or threes when they are hunting troops. They may also go into ball form and crush troops as well by bowling over them causing severe burns from the stasis field and breaks from kinetic force as well as the rapidly spinning tendrils.

Another thing is for them to use their Generated Nanite Ball to destroy enemy vehicles through long range harassment, and in a group they can take down enemy vehicles faster. Their walker Tendrils are also good for attacking enemy vehicles but it is usually safer for them to attack from a distance.

Other than that they can do multiple things such as being launched from accelerators in ball mode to slam down amount the enemy, and even as intelligent bombs, using their powerful fusion cores as an explosive, after the kinetic impact of their Stasis field. It destroys them but is worth the sacrifice in most cases as the powerful explosion is more than enough to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting enemies.