Rin Hoshira

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Rin Hoshira
Allegiance Unanian Empire (U.E)
Race Human
Gender Female
Born 2834G.C (32)
Profession Unanian Prime Ministers Council (2861G.C-Current)
AI Kelly Hoshira

Born in 2834 within the Unanian Supercity of Aloveria, Rin Hoshira is a unique and accomplished individual within the Unanian Empire. Born with the genetic code of the Unatro Val already within her body without needing an implantation, Rin became an instant interest within the scientific community going through numerous tests and scans at the consent of her parents to help uncover why. In exchange for the compliance from her parents to allow the tests to be done, Rin received a full invitation to the Academian Islands where she went through their advanced educational system to help hone her Unatro abilities in addition to gaining a top-classed education.

Being an exceptionally intelligent individual, Rin managed to skip passed her final 2 years of Elementary school and bypass directly into her first year of highschool where at the time she began showing a interest for the fields of Science. Continuing her education, Rin graduated at the top of her class and in the process, received an invitation of attendance from Centrial University located within the Academian Islands. At Centrial, she cooperated with the Anari division of the Unanian Agency of Science and during her stay helped them out with a puzzling artifact which, after she left, ended up netting the agency an Ancient Artificial Intelligence.

Upon graduating from Centrial University, Rin set her sights upon the Unanian Prime Ministers Council to put her intelligence towards something which would better help serve the Unanian Empire as a whole. With her new goals set, Rin put in her application to run for the position and after the vote was held, managed to win over the populace to become a member on the council, a position she has held since 2861.