Rushika Browne

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Rushika Browne
Allegiance Unanian Empire (U.E)
Race Artificial Intelligence
Gender Female
Born 2843G.C (23)
Biological-Partner Aurora Browne 2849G.C-2863G.C
Current Partner Bryce Cozach 2863G.C-Current
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Assigned to Aurora Browne at the age of 6, Rushika quickly became one of her only friends with the to of them growing up on the desolate backwater of Unanian Civilization, on the planet of Plade. While growing up, Rushika worked to help keep Aroura alive and be a much needed member of her family.

During Auroras teen years, Rushika worked to hack into insurrection builds to allow Aurora and Bryce Cozach, Auroras only other friend to sneak into insurrection complexes during the middle of the night, or when the opportunity was best, so they could gather intel, rescue victims whenever possible and steal supplies such as food, water and weapons so they could distribute them throughout the colony.

Seperation from Aurora

In 2863G.C, Rushika was seperated from Aurora after Bryce and Aurora had fell into a trap set by the Insurrection. As part of this trap, Bryce's AI Shadow Cozach was captured and after retreating from a near death situation, Rushika immediately jumped into the nearest terminal back at home to try and track down Shadow. During this period, the bandits had followed the two to their home, captured Aurora, and tried to kill Bryce, who had quickly grabbed Rushika and barely escaped with his life.

While Bryce isn't Aroura's biological partner, due to how long the two have known each other she still treats him as family