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A cube of refined Sakuradite.

Sakuradite is a rare synthetic mineral element found only in the Lacrima System of the Kingdom of Edolas. Described as the "Philosophers Stone" by early Ventus, it was first discovered on the continent of Eldin in 45 A.D.W, with The Sky King seeing it's potential as an energy source and ordering immediate mining and research on it. Its name originates from the word sakura, which means "Cherry Blossom" in Japanese and was associated with the color pink, as well as a large number of additional symbolic associations. Sakuradite, so far, has not been able to be reproduced by Ventus scientists; who are baffled as to how The Ancients created such an inexhaustible supply of the element on their planets, and it likely never will be.


The true composition of Sakuradite is unknown, but it's a bright pink and hard material. It is a type of rocky ore when first mined, but after being processed, Sakuradite is both extremely unstable and extremely explosive; a single tanker filled with it has enough destructive force to completely destroy an entire fleet of ships when detonated. Sakuradite has both superconductive and radioactive properties, and thus, it is both very valuable and necessary in the production of Knightmare Frames and other important equipment. As a high temperature super conductor, it is used in seventh generation Knightmares and above to conserve energy for high energy demand systems such as Blaze Luminous and Float Systems. As a radioactive material, it is used to power Knightmare Frames and fuel nuclear bombs such as the F.L.E.I.A.


Sakuradite has many uses, the most prominent being the power source of the Knightmare Frame mobile weapons as well as their superconductive power grids. Sakuradite is also used to power most all machinery in Edolas. It can be used to make small bombs capable of extreme damage by themselves, such as the Sakuradite Grenade or even warheads filled with Sakuradite. Sakuradite can be used in power generation in three manners: A manner similar to conventional engines for energy, using it in special Yggdrasil Drives which dramatically increase it's energy output, or it can be used in Sakuradite Fusion to make unbelievably large amounts of energy (At such a level that most generators that fusion Sakuradite need to have limiters placed on them; so as not to overload their systems with the sheer power created from the fusion).


Sakuradite in its rawest form is one of the most dangerous materials in the world. A piece of ore only about the size of someone's palm, when tapped together with another piece, can generate massive explosions. This hazard is also prevalent during the transportation of refined Sakuradite, as a powerful enough impact, without the right safety precautions to protect it, can make it violently explode.

Sakuradite Trading

As Edolas sees Sakuradite as it's most precious and valuable gift from The Ancients, it is hesitant to allow other races access to it. So far, the only empire that has been granted permission to purchase large amounts of Sakuradite is the Crescanian Confederacy. With the Unani Empire soon to be given this privilege as well.