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Domain The Divine Quartet
Classification Mammal (Primate)
Lifespan 140+ Years
Height (average) 200cm (male) 170cm (female)
Weight (average) 100kg (male) 60kg (female)

The Salchissans are a bipedal humanoid mammal race living on the planet of Salchissa, and is one of the subject species conquered long ago by the Croiz. The Salchissans called themselves Bryele before the occupation, and Salchissa was known as Kote, and many Salchissans stick to these names to this day. The male is the dominant gender of the species.

The Salchissans live in a semi-tribal society built up by countless of clans of differing size and power. Seeing that this way of life was impossible to remove, the Croiz instead accepted it and let the clans keep their ways of life, and even allow clan wars if these do not compromise Crescanian interests. But in the end it is still Crescanian law that found the base of their lives. Salchissan cultures can vary greatly between different clans, but most highly value military honor, and has a strong sense of rank and caste. The Salchissans in general view the Croiz as a race of superior warriors, having conquered them in the first place, and such deserve their place as masters of Kote and it's people. This results in Salchissans being very loyal and obedient to the Crescanian government, serving as willing workers and cheap mercenaries, as they are not allowed in the real Crescanian military. In exchange for this cooperation, the Salchissans have been granted far more freedom and civil rights than other conquered races, and Bryele slaves are very rare. But they are still in no way free or treated well by the Croiz.

Salchissans, or Bryele, all speak a language called Mando'a which sounds almost identical all over the planet, and which originates from an ancient Bryele empire called Mando that spanned the entire plannet before it suddenly collapsed entirely, hundreds of years before the Croiz found the planet. In that time, the clan system had re-emerged and cultures have developed greatly, but there is no officially known Salchissan that does not speak Mando'a along with the mandatorily taught Crescanian. The Mando empire has also left the perhaps most well-known tradition for Bryele, and has been noted to exist in every single Salchissan clan: it is absolutely forbidden for a Bryele to show his or her face to anyone except family and good friends. Although the tradition exists in all clans, the details can be very different between clans. In some it only applies for people above a certain age, for some it only applies for one of the genders. But in most cases it applies for all ages of both genders, which is making the aforementioned details begin to disappear, since most people wear a mask even if they do not have to in order to avoid culture clashes. It is considered a great gift from a Bryele to show you their face. To forcefully remove a Bryele's mask or helmet is thought of in the same way as someone would think of rape, and it has even been confirmed by the Croiz as a legal offense punishable by prison.

The Salchissans are strongly looked down upon, despised and outright hated by the Kerackians - who are still resisting fiercely after centuries of Croiz occupation - mainly because of their aid in suppressing the Kerackian Rebellions as well as taking part of the slaughter of Kerackians the Croiz used as retaliation for their lack of cooperation. The Aascanans also hold a strong grudge against them for their part in the Ar'ká-kio Razzia where Salchissan mercenary bands burned at least six illegal Aascanan colonies.